Monday, April 13, 2009


Yesterday was my birthday. I'd post some pictures, but nobody took any. They were too busy eating the dinner I prepared for Easter. Did I ever mention that I don't really enjoy cooking--especially on my birthday? It's just another small sacrifice I make for my family. Actually, the only thing I hate worse than cooking is having to eat food that isn't all that good; therefore, it is better that I do the cooking. Kelly can cook, so let the record show that I was not thinking about her during the writing of the last sentence.

I knew five years ago when Kenzie was born on my birthday, that my partying days were over. Add Easter this year and well . . .

Kenzie and Tessa

My family actually was pretty excited to get together right after church to have me open up the gift they had bought for ME. Remember the word ME. They were almost too excited. This is always the first sign. If they are that excited, then I know that they bought something that they really wanted liked--for me, of course.

I am really perceptive like that. It comes with being old and experienced.

When they handed me the box, I jokingly asked if it was a Wii Fit. I have no idea where that idea came from; it just popped in my head and subsequently out of my mouth. Surely someone must have mentioned all the weight I had lost recently or something. I just don't have random thoughts about exercise because I am exercise resistant--always have been--no big surprise. I even laughed knowing how ridiculous that guess was.

Imagine my total surprise when it really was a Wii Fit. I couldn't imagine what they were thinking--for about a nano second. I caught on real quick like when I saw all the anticipation in the faces of the children and grandchildren. Kelly tried her best at explaining by saying that they had purchased it months ago "before I lost all that weight." Hello, it wasn't that much weight!

There was no use avoiding the inevitable. I would have to sign in, create my person, or whatever it is you do, so that the children could feel free to play with my new toy. Imagine my excitement when after the initial evaluation, my bmi was a little low but my Wii Fit age was 61. What on earth does that mean? Nothing like cheering me up on my birthday. For goodness sake, they only let me have one practice before the measurement.

That's what bugs me about the Wii: If you don't understand what you're doing, too bad for you, sister. It seems that I leaned too far to the left--or was it the right--and then I didn't stay within the blue lines for three seconds. I think I was afraid that those two blue lines might be interpreted as being pregnant or something.

I was a good sport though. I did some fancy footwork jumping on and off the pad without tripping, falling, or otherwise embarassing myself. I did not fare so well with the invisible hula hoop. I think I got hit in my plastic head several times. At least my glasses didn't break.

Next I had to run a short form of a marathon--okay, it wasn't even a short marathon; then I decided to take a nap. I deserved it. I didn't sleep a wink between the outrageous laughter of the children as they exercised and the "Grandma, I caught all the hula hoops on my head" kind of comments which I'm sure were not intended to make me feel bad.

Oh, and my husband gave me an I.O.U. for a bicycle. Happy birthday to me.

Mike and Mike
Double Trouble


Kelly said...

What was Ryan thinking suggesting that be what we buy you. Brothers!

Melanie said...

Wow! A Wii Fit. When are you picking out that new bikini so you can show off your new figure at the beach this summer?

edie said...

Happy late birthday Ms.Denise!