Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Okay, I have to tell you something that probably should not be made public. I hope that the speaker at Blissdom who said not to post things about your family members without their permission is not reading this. I am desperate for some help if it is to be had, so I'll risk it.

On Easter Saturday, my 12-year-old daughter--that's the part that I probably shouldn't tell you--left a note on my bed. It wasn't the you-are-the-best-mom-in-the-whole-wide-world kind of note either. It was strictly informational.


I wrote a note to the tooth fairy. It is taped to my door.

Love, Tessa

Of course, I took a peek at the tooth fairy note--which included four teeth I might add.

Dear T.F. *big heart*

Sorry for being so late. I missed you! Could you tell the Easter Bunny that all I want is a Breyer horse and for Kenzie and Mom to have a good birthday.

Love, Tessa

Okay, Easter Saturday--bedtime--Breyer horse! What does she think the tooth fairy can do with that short notice? Yes, I know she's magic and all that jazz.

It seems that the tooth fairy is a bit overworked and thought that she could lighten her load by taking advantage of the technological age. She actually turned on my computer and set up an email account in order to respond to Tessa. Can you believe that? I give her credit for not ignoring somebody who took the time to write a letter and include not one, but four teeth!

I'm getting to the problem as quickly as I can.

Tessa did not find a Breyer horse in her Easter basket, but she did find a letter in her inbox. She was not impressed, but did not show her disappointment--just mentioned that she missed the *real* note with glitter and all that fun stuff. There were sparkly stars in the email; I saw them.

Well, toothfairy4real@gmail somehow has become my new username. And apparently, I can't change it. Whatever that little fairy did late that night while she was overtired seems to be written in granite. I now can only sign into Blogger as a sprite.

Not that I have anything against TF, but golly, I did not expect her to hijack my identity. Edie probably would not be surprised to have her identity hijacked by the TF; she's used to people trying to steal her identity, but I am not. Nobody wants to be me, and I surely don't want to give up my day job to fly around quiet-like swiping teeth from under pillows all night.

Okay, if you know how to delete a gmail account without losing the access to blogger, please let me know. If not, and you would like an email sent from toothfairy4real, just let me know. I don't think she would mind. I can even include sparkly stars.


jenjen said...

Oh no. It is a little bit funny though. I think you make a very cute sprite!


edie said...

That is a funny story Ms. Denise. And I am proud to say (knock on beautiful blue cabinet wood) that I have not had my identity highjacked in four months now. At least it's only the tooth fairy, right?