Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Aleshia and Kelly watching a game of horseshoes

Mom and daughter outside of the Gettysburg Visitor Center

Seth, Ross, Aidan, and Nate


Terry, Seth, Conrad, Aleshia, and Ross
I probably should have cropped this shot! Sorry Ross!

Aunt Mary and all the kiddos

Matt giving Nate a head massage and Aidan

Chef Mike

Aidan and Ross on the way to Mount Vernon

Kenzie at Mount Vernon

Michael and Denise at Mount Vernon

Casey, Charlotte, and Tessa



Conrad showing the tooth he lost at Mount Vernon

Tessa at the Washington Monument

Kenzie and Casey at the Washington Monument

Ross at Arlington Cemetary

Casey and Tessa at Arlington Cemetary

happy family at the White House

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patty said...

love the new artsy thingy at the top! and the cleanness of your new layout! :) and some great photos of another favorite family of mine! hope you have a great time... looks like it! :)