Tuesday, June 30, 2009


This was a fun photo taken at Old Navy in Canton, Ohio. The five kids had a blast hanging out with/in the display while we shopped. I just had to take a shot of it. Another shopper kept trying to get in our photo, but I had to politely ask her to step aside. Yes, she was also cute, but this was our *family* shot. *wink*
We got to meet my niece's baby, Hayden, for the first time. She is a doll baby and the kids just loved her.
kelly kerry
Great-grandma gave each of the kids a patriotic pinwheel which they had so much fun with. The little things seem to thrill them the most.

Casey told us that this was the first time she ever held a baby. She seemed to enjoy it.
The kids spent most of our visit in the backyard. My sister is amazing at keeping her yard looking perfect. I just know she sneaks out at night to trim with scissors; it's that perfect!

Hayden was definitely the hit of the day, but Fluffy came in a close second. My mom has four or five or six little dogs that keep her company. They do a good job! The kids got a kick out of so many little things running to--or should I say away--from them.

Mom can no longer do the things she once enjoyed like nursing, sewing, creating, and thrift-shopping, but she can at least enjoy the thought that I've passed on some of her creative and shopping skills to the next generation. No, I did not pass on any of her nursing skills. That would be scary.

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