Monday, July 13, 2009


Summertime and new experiences seem to go hand in hand. The last few weeks, I've spent almost all of my tv viewing--which isn't a whole lot--on the Food Network. One of the shows that has been particularly interesting is Diners, Drive-ins and Dives. Each show leaves me wishing that I had some really cool restaurant to frequent. I would love to try something different and feel happy to pay the bill instead of wishing that I had stayed home and cooked a baked potato.

After our trip to Doe River Gorge on Saturday, Terry suggested eating at Cootie Brown's in Johnson City. Now, I have driven by that place many, many times, and I have not been impressed with what I saw. See for yourself. The sign is--let's just say--less than inviting. I'm not kidding; I always figured they served up roadkill.

But after watching DD&D, I was itching for a food adventure. And did we get one! Not quite as spectacular as the 700-foot zipline into the water earlier in the day, but an adventure none the less.
The rag tag bunch of us decided to eat outside where the kids could just hop out the window at any given moment to play in the planters.

The menu contained all kinds of interesting fare as you can see below. Terry and Aleshia split the amazing burrito and Tessa and I split the jerk chicken, brussel sprouts, sweet potatoes, and Caesar salad. I am trying to forget the mashed potatoes, because they were very odd. We all tried them in an effort to identify the secret ingredient, which the waitress finally divulged as being some kind of cream soup. I did not want the recipe. I added a baked potato for Tessa instead.

I rarely spring for dessert, but was once again inspired by Guy on DD&D and the fact that I had a blog post in mind. Several of us shared the raspberry and key lime pie slices.
The inside was just as colorful and fun as the outside, although lacked the windows to dive through.

Finally, you may ask why that mysterious bag of water is hanging in the window. Lucky for us, we've lived in these parts for a few years and have been educated about such things, so we were able to eat without the stress of wondering. The theory is that the water bag keeps away flies. It seems to have worked because we were not bothered by any--although I would have gladly given up the mashed potatoes to any hungry insect!

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Renee said...

YES! Eric will LOVE this post, as I do. Guess what he's into now? Not only do cooking shows play on each evening as he unwinds before bed, but we also have this show among other FOOD shows in the background. The host of this show has a stomach of steel but finding all the great diners as he does is priceless to me. I was intrigued by your findings so maybe it's time for me to take a roadtrip, so all your fault with the sudden wonderlust and all...LOL Hugs!