Tuesday, July 07, 2009

The Girls

Kenzie looks well rested after her first night in her *big girl* bed. It's very cool and I think all the kids are wishing that that tiny room was theirs this week! You can see some more photos at Kelly's site.

Tessa has been ready for a hair change for some time now. We had to wait until after the recital because of bun issues. It took a while, but we finally made time for the makeover. I absolutely love it, but am not looking forward to the ballet bun at this length!
The recital dvd came today, so Tessa had to revisit her Irish numbers. I think she liked the swinging of the hair!


edie said...

I love the haircut Tessa! And good luck on that bun thing Ms. Denise. We must visit soon!

I love Kenzie's new bed. Her little room is just perfect!

Family American Style. said...

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