Tuesday, July 21, 2009


I've already mentioned my love of all things Ikea many times and could probably feature a favorite item every week for a year. It took me a while, but I have finally hung the curtains that I bought there in March and recently finished making the curtains from the fabric I bought there at the same time. If you can't tell, my summer goal is to get all my windows dressed!

I knew the minute I saw this pattern below that it was the *one* for Tessa's room redo. I had been looking for some time, but nothing had caught my eye. I did not want to settle. I am so glad I waited.


I stared at the curtains below for a long time on two different occasions trying to picture them in one of my rooms. At $39 a pair, I couldn't afford to buy them just because I loved the pattern--which I did. At my last visit, I finally decided on two pairs to either use on the two front windows downstairs (kitchen and living room) or . . . I wasn't really sure of the or. When I got home, I didn't really love them with the downstairs furniture or paint, and they were not long enough--surprising for Ikea. I ended up using one pair in the spare room/office and one pair in the nearby bathroom. Oh, I am crazy about them and wish they were in my bedroom so I could stare at them more.




It's a good feeling to accomplish these little projects over the summer. I'm not sure the big ones, like replacing ceilings and renovating bathrooms, will happen, but at least some curtains are hung. I do believe that the motivation to tackle any creative project starts with the inspiration.

Blog World is great for inspiration, but there is nothing like a real visit to a real home with real people with real kids and real dogs and real succulents and stuff like that. I have what other bloggers can only dream about--and that is connections to--let's just say Blog World's equivalent to an energy drink! Yes, I visited Edie at Life in Grace. Go ahead and drool.

The house tour was fun and colorful and a real experience in mix and match and take a chance and be yourself and go ahead and shock the neighbors one more time. You just have to smile and leave happy--yes, you do have to leave. She's not taking borders at this time.

Anyhow, she did give me permission to share one of her decorating secrets: group like things together. Sounds simple, huh? Well, a few pictures are worth . . . well, I'm not sure what they are worth.

I could see what she was talking about with these candlesticks.


Kinda thinking that she could do better with this grouping.
Probably shouldn't say anything cause I wouldn't want to hurt her feelings.


And totally did not get the canned goods on this living room table.
Yes, they constitute a grouping of like things.
And she is *who* everybody wants to be like and all.
Not sure I could pull it off.


The towels I get.
They probably would not look so good without the pool though.



edie said...

The visit was so much fun Ms. Denise! You are Kelly are both very inspiring to be around. It makes me wanna get busy with more reading, more decorating, and more schooling! I should leave the canned goods for awhile and just see if it starts to catch on! I think it totally could have worked if I had left all the bags of coffee!

Your pics turned out great, BTW. I can't believe you didn't get one with Hank on TOP of the table.

And thank you so much for the very kind words and for all your curriculum advice.
Love and hugs to you all,
Ms. edie

Ashley @ AshleysBusy said...

Hi and thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving such a sweet comment! I'm in love with those curtains, I'd be staring at that fabric all day too!