Monday, July 13, 2009


I am trying to figure out a good system to upload photos to blogger using my new camera. On a friend's advice, I joined Flickr and have been uploading from there. I am having all kinds of issues with the html coding when it comes to text. It will appear on my compose page, but disappears when it is posted. It is a real pain. That's probably one reason why I have not been writing much. It is just too time consuming and annoying to wrestle with coding. Admittedly, I really am not that bright. It is true that the resolution though Flickr is so much better as you can see below, but it takes twice as long. I would welcome any suggestions.

uploaded from my computer
uploaded from Flickr


Victoria said...

I struggled with all of my pictures today on my post and almost said "forget it"! I couldn't make any of them bigger without them being blurry and I was frustrated so no advice here.

Thanks for your sweet words about my daughter's room!

I loved your Diner post below. What an interesting place and an even more interesting name!!! My husband would eat there just because the name is so quirky! ;)

sara's art house said...

Wow- there is a difference! And can I eat that? Yum!