Monday, July 20, 2009


I finally got around to making some new curtains for the kitchen. Because the windows are so gigantic, they are very challenging. The only place to buy anything long enough is Ikea which isn't necessarily a bad thing. Of course, it would be a better thing if there was one nearby. I do not consider Atlanta or Charlotte nearby.

I happen to have a collection of Ikea lace curtains--one because I love lace, and two because they are so cheap, and three because they are actually too long for my windows! I also buy tablecloths on clearance after Christmas, because they, too, are long enough and wide enough to be used as curtains--and they are obviously, washable.

the before treatment with Ikea lace and Martha Stewart tablecloths
this window is next on my list

the trunk of goodies to use

the after kitchen curtains using Ikea lace, Martha tablecloths,
and Hobby Lobby trim which is just hanging with the curtains

another shot

up close, loving it


Renee said...

Another GREAT post by Denise! Incredible! Tablecloths huh? GREAT idea! Your curtains look just perfect for the windows you've dressed. Wow, great job! Now come and help me decorate okay? I'm so thick in organizing, decorating and fun stuff won't come for a bit. But if you have spare time.... grin, grin, grin... LOL Hugs!

edie said...

Oh, it's todiefor! And I love that you used tablecloths. Wanna come do some windows for me?