Sunday, August 30, 2009


It is hard . . . to be still . . . and quiet . . . and certain that nothing, nothing, absolutely nothing is too difficult for my God . . . and that in the midst of broken hearts and broken dreams, His ways are above my ways . . . and they are far superior . . . even if I don't understand them . . . so . . . I will be still and know that He is God.

Ryan leaves for the army on Tuesday. Pray for me. And for him.

ryan birth

Ryan baby

ryan 1

Grad Ryan 042

Grad Ryan 022

Grad Ryan 018


kiss two

the kiss



family gazebo



Renee said...

Ohhhh, I can feel your mama's heart all the way up here - Hugs Denise! We'll be praying for Ryan's safety as he departs and reports to duty. As for the family photos, they turned out lovely. I just think it's so special to see the younger four all wearing matching material items. Did you make them all? Wow. Look how BIG everyone has gotten, especially your fab four since those early days of FIAR photo sharing swaps. :-) I'm going to keep you close to my heart this week, offering plenty of prayer for you too, you can count on me. Love to you!

sara's art house said...

Awwww, such sweet pictures!

Melita said...


I haven't e-mailed or posted a comment in a long time; but I've been looking at your blog! I know this will be a tough time for you; I'll definitely pray for Ryan AND for you!


edie said...

What a beautiful family Denise. And I am so glad that He is God and that He is in charge. We'd all rather control and contrive than let Him do what He does best. I will pray for you that you will be comforted. And I am so proud of Ryan and his answer to such a noble calling. God bless your family and reunite you soon in the shelter of His love.

Thank you for raising a warrior! I pray for courage for Ryan---that He will stand tall and brave to fight, first for God, then for his fellow man.

Candace said...

Oh, Denise! I'll be praying for Ryan and for you. Your pictures are beautiful. You are one beautiful momma and you have a beautiful family!!

Cynnamama's Cafe said...

What a beautiful family!!

Please God, we pray, return your dear son/brother/uncle to you and us, Americans, unharmed, safe and sound.

Morning T said...

What a sweet family. I'll be thinking about you all! :-) said...

I enjoy looking at your blog. What a great photographic tribute to your son. God bless you both.

Let it Shine said...

Hi! I was blog hopping, and your title caught my eye.
I can't imagine what you are going through (from a Mother's perspective) May God keep him safe and bring him home!
My brother in law got back last August.

Take care,