Sunday, September 20, 2009


Tessa had two projects due last week. I hate that. Now don't get me wrong, creativity flows through our veins like nobody's business, but sometimes there are other things we want to do on the weekend besides snip and glue and draw under the constraints of somebody else's requirements. If we're going to make a mess, then I want to decide what I end up with in the end. But when I gave up homeschooling, I gave up some control.

Her first assignment was to create a diorama depicting the conversion of Saul. I could have cried when I read that one. We are diorama-ed out around here if you know what I mean. And a Bible scene? So I pleaded with the teacher to add another option--as a mother, not a staff member who used to have to evaluate his use of classical methodology in the classroom. And being the wonderful, gracious teacher that he is, he did just that. One of the alternative projects was a mosaic. Don't ask me where that idea came from; I was just glad that she did not have to do something with a shoebox.

Tessa chose a picture of the scene she wanted for inspiration from Google images, and I applied a one-inch grid to it using Publisher. She then drew it on heavy paper and then cut it out on the grid lines. She painted a square canvas black, then glued her drawing squares to the canvas, decoupaging it for better adhesion. She added yellow and white lines to illustrate the bright light and then attached a small book light for added effect. I was impressed.

conversion of saul

Tessa's other project was based on the book Around the World in Eighty Days. She had a choice of illustrating a scene in detail or creating a map of the route that was taken in the book, including at least five memorable events that happened along the way. She applied her map to the side of a suitcase and labeled the cities using what looked like luggage tags. She also represented her five events through pictures from Google or her own drawings. Each student had to give a presentation in front of the class using his/her visual aid. I love how this project turned out as well. And an added bonus was that while shopping for the suitcase at Goodwill, I found several all wool sweater that we will use for our felting projects.

tessa and suitcase


While Tessa worked on her suitcase, I enjoyed my first of what will probably be many fall projects. I don't know what it is about this season, but I just get inspired to make stuff. I came across this apple tutorial and just knew I had to try it. It cost nothing and was quick and easy.

apple craft

book apple

A week after the power-crafting event at our house, I finally swept up the mess. Good grief! I can hardly believe I ignored this for an entire week. It is what it is.



Sparrow said...

I love the apple! And the projects. It looks like a creative weekend around your house.
A redhead and a dog just showed up. So I will stop with that. Again, glad you are back!

Mimi said...

To say you have creativity running through your veins is an understatement!!!! Those projects are amazing!!! I think your daughter did a fabulous job on them!!!!! I love it that she attends a good christian school --it's ok to give up homeschooling for Christian school. Our son attended Christian High School, our girls did not, and boy what a BIG difference in Education, loving teachers, etc.!!!!
I love that apple project, you used an old book, cut in the shape of an apple, spray paint the edges red and tie a stem on from green fabric???? Is that right???
I love it!!!
Just might make that!!!

Kelly said...

Horrors-- you cut up the Anne of Green Gables book? What were you thinking? Just kidding-- not like we don't have 8 other copies. I love the star Kenzie left!

Morning T said...

Love the projects and LOVE that apple! Thanks for visiting today.