Saturday, October 31, 2009


Quick and simple is my motto this year when it comes to crafts! And the following two fit in both categories--and they are also cheap!

I put stickers on an incredibly real-looking, fake green apple from Walmart ($1) for my desk at school. I told you--quick, simple, and cheap! Yes, I'm known as Mrs. V. there. There are not many brave enough to tackle the Italian last name in these parts.

This next craft doesn't require a tutorial, but since I took the pictures, I'll go ahead and act like everyone reading this is dopey.
1. Buy fake pumpkins--the bigger the better.
2. Spray fake pumpkins white.
3. Choose a variety of ribbons and trims.
4. Cut to size.
5. Hot glue the ribbons/trims in the grooves of the pumpkin.
I actually hot-glued all the tops around the stems first. Then I did a little in the middle and then underneath. There is no need to hot glue the entire length--unless you just enjoy it.
6. Wrap the stem with twine.
I used tacky glue for this so I didn't burn the tips of my fingers off.
7. Tie some ribbons around the stem.
8. Enjoy for years to come.


Thursday, October 29, 2009


What fun we've had at school with our first spirit week activities. It started with pajama day and will end tomorrow with crazy hair day. There was a bunch of other stuff in the middle. I'm too tired to post--tired from doing the YMCA and the Chicken Dance and other such nonsense. I'm all about spirit week. And then there is all the cleaning I'm having to do to host our first craft club meeting tomorrow. I just didn't want to be forgotten, so I will give you a sneak peek at the week. Just know that there are plenty more where these photos came from.





Sunday, October 25, 2009


Donna at Funky Junk Interiors is hosting a vignette linky party, and I decided to go. As if I haven't done enough partying this weekend already!

I am actually going to kill two *birds* with one post by participating. First, I'm going to share some vignettes that include my famous handmade birds, and then I'm going to tell you that I will be guest posting at Life in Grace as part of her 12 Days of Christmas Crafts Tutorials. And what I am going to show you how to make are my famous birds.

Funky Junk's Saturday Nite Special

These groupings should be on the top of my bookcases in the upstairs family room. *Should* being the operative word. They are presently piled on the hall floor while the ceiling is being replaced. Besides the birds, I am also sweet on the decoupaged oval frame.

map bird

Copy of IMG_3855

bird on shelf
You may notice that I like books and birds.
Loletta 176

Loletta 165
I didn't realize that I had such a bird theme going on.
There are even a few birds hanging out on my coffee table.
birds on a table
Tessa's art work from fourth grade is grouped together on this door in our living room.
bird door

bird door


I don't know what it is about October, but there seem to be more birthday parties and activities than any other month. Three of my own children were born in this month, so that doesn't help either. Anyway, this Saturday was jammed packed with things to do.

We started bright and early at Edie's yard sale. That was fun. Even though we were there within an hour of its opening, she had already sold quite a bit.

She was organized and had fun tags on a lot of things. She also had some really cute helpers.
And she was dressed all "Edie" like. I tried to buy her hat.
I think she caved to the Nester's pressure because there were lots of fake things for sale.

I walked away with a Longaberger basket, a basket full of eggs, a dress for my granddaughter, and an elephant bookend. I have been looking for a basket to designate as the going up or down container. Now the stairs can remain clear so I don't trip and break my neck.
Then it was off to an eleven o'clock birthday party for one of my favorite little girls, Sarah-Cate.
I designated myself as the official photographer.
The sock scarecrows were adorable as were the guests.
Ashley Anna, Olivia, Haleigh Raye
And the apples were yummy.
Sarah-Cate's mom, Emily, Ashlyn
I think she liked this present--and all that followed!
Emma Kate, Sarah-Cate, Ashlyn
Nate, Kenzie
Nate can find inspiration in almost anything.

Happy Birthday, Sarah-Cate!
Right after the party, I had to rush home to make a pin for another birthday girl, Treca.
Nate, the resident artist, was once again creating his own masterpiece with scraps.
I also made a spirit stick for school, which involved spray painting and hot gluing, while cooking roasted cauliflower soup for our next event: a school bonfire.
I forgot my camera, so a friend was nice enough to send some photos to me today!
a group of us from school
Kelly and Kenzie
I couldn't possibly explain this shot.
It was a long day, but fun to connect with so many friends along the way!

Thursday, October 22, 2009


The house is a mess--I mean a big mess. The upstairs ceiling which was ripped out two weeks before Ryan left for boot camp--that would make it at least seven--yes, I said, seven--weeks ago--is still not finished. It is so much fun being married to a contractor. Almost as fun as being married to a plumber--oh, he's that as well. That just reminded me--I mean it, really--that I noticed a slight flood in the basement four or five or was it six days ago. I did try to call the plumber husband to tell him, but he did not answer, and then I forgot. I don't really frequent the basement. He'll get right on it I'm sure.

So anyway, all of the stuff from the upstairs family room is either in Tessa's room, my bedroom, or the hallway. That means that every room upstairs is upside down. And the downstairs is totally covered with dust from the tear out and the sawing. It's frustrating because there is no point trying to decorate for fall--my favorite season. And there is no point creating more fun fall stuff because I am quite certain that the ceiling will not be done this season. Call me a realist if you have to call me something.

The three plates that I picked up at the Goodwill this summer will probably be the most excitement I'm going to see this season.

fall plates

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


When my oldest son was younger, he was always trying to invent something. He had high hopes of becoming famous and making lots of money when one of his creations hit the mass market. It is a fact that every one of us wants to leave his/her mark in this world by being involved in something that matters--something significant. He was no different. And neither am I.

Well, I think I'm on to something, and I am pretty certain that I am going to be famous when word gets out. Yep, it took me 50 something years, but I have identified and even named a disorder that is sure to earn me recognition with a whole group of folks. I hesitate to box myself in by limiting the exact group parameters because this may be bigger and more widespread than I think.

The symptom of the disorder is pretty easy to spot. An otherwise intelligent, articulate person opens his/her mouth to speak and something crazy pops out: an unrelated word, thought, or person's name. I mean it just pops out-- to the shock of speaker and hearer.

This syndrome from here on out will be referred to as RWD--Random Word Disorder. I identified it and named it, and don't you forget it. When word gets around, I will be famous.--and hopefully speechless. Onomatopoeia. That is a good example of a RWD.

This child still loves me in spite of the fact
that I rarely get her name right.
She's bound to be even more understanding
now that my condition has a name.

at camp

Monday, October 19, 2009


In an effort to get these photos posted, I neglected to write how I really felt about cruising. While I loved getting away, spending time with my daughter, and experiencing something new together, cruising is probably not my thing. It is my opinion that cruising is best for folks who enjoy drinking, gambling, running around half-naked, or who want to be a glutton for a few days--none of which are top on my list. The only show we attended left me feeling a bit uncomfortable and convicted about bringing my daughter to it. We did not go the next two nights--especially since one was had a strong PG-13 advisory. I couldn't imagine sitting through one any more revealing.

While the cruise line is not responsible for what their guests do, I do believe that they create an atmosphere that is either family-friendly or not. This one was not. When we turned on the tv in the room, the cruise channel was advertising something more inappropriate that we see on regular tv--which is bad enough. I won't go into detail here, but there were several instances where my sil and I were appalled at what we saw. I am thankful that Tessa is still naive enough to be a bit clueless, so I did not have to try to explain things.

Also, the pool was quite small for 2500 people. It really was just a place for folks to stand around in and drink from coconuts. ;) There really was no swimming or playing in the water. I could not believe how many poeple could cram into a hot tub either. Too cozy for me! They did have a water slide on the top deck, but it did not land in a pool, only a tube of water. None of us were interested in that.

I would love to go on a Christian cruise or a Disney one, but I realize that they will cost quite a bit more since they probably don't make as much up on drinks and gambling. It is a trade off that I probably will be willing to make if I ever cruise again. Again, this is just my opinion. :) In spite of that, we did manage to enjoy ourselves. We just did different things than we had planned--like played a lot of Phase 10.

arriving at Port Canaveral
painting Tessa's toenails
looking out to sea
getting a tatoo

eating ice cream--again
waiting to eat the first night
first dinner
admiring the color of the water

pulling into port
following the leader

visiting the dolphins at Atlantis
kissing dolphin


not eating at Bobby Flay's restaurant (closed)
looking up in the lobby at Altlantis
looking up in the casino
visiting the aquarium at Atlantis
experiencing the Straw Market

not digging the straw market
returning to the boat
cruise ship
meeting our roommate
learning to make towel animals with Nelson


sitting by the pool
enjoying last dinner
dinner birthday
dancing with Clarence
singing happy birthday
returning from dinner
meeting new friend