Thursday, October 22, 2009


The house is a mess--I mean a big mess. The upstairs ceiling which was ripped out two weeks before Ryan left for boot camp--that would make it at least seven--yes, I said, seven--weeks ago--is still not finished. It is so much fun being married to a contractor. Almost as fun as being married to a plumber--oh, he's that as well. That just reminded me--I mean it, really--that I noticed a slight flood in the basement four or five or was it six days ago. I did try to call the plumber husband to tell him, but he did not answer, and then I forgot. I don't really frequent the basement. He'll get right on it I'm sure.

So anyway, all of the stuff from the upstairs family room is either in Tessa's room, my bedroom, or the hallway. That means that every room upstairs is upside down. And the downstairs is totally covered with dust from the tear out and the sawing. It's frustrating because there is no point trying to decorate for fall--my favorite season. And there is no point creating more fun fall stuff because I am quite certain that the ceiling will not be done this season. Call me a realist if you have to call me something.

The three plates that I picked up at the Goodwill this summer will probably be the most excitement I'm going to see this season.

fall plates


Sparrow said...

Help. If you get this call me on my cell tonight. No matter what time.
Your Sparrow Friend

edie said...

Caiti and I drove past your house today on the way to Mountain Makins and we were lusting over your beautiful house. Can't wait to see the results of this project! Thanks for coming yesterday.