Wednesday, October 21, 2009


When my oldest son was younger, he was always trying to invent something. He had high hopes of becoming famous and making lots of money when one of his creations hit the mass market. It is a fact that every one of us wants to leave his/her mark in this world by being involved in something that matters--something significant. He was no different. And neither am I.

Well, I think I'm on to something, and I am pretty certain that I am going to be famous when word gets out. Yep, it took me 50 something years, but I have identified and even named a disorder that is sure to earn me recognition with a whole group of folks. I hesitate to box myself in by limiting the exact group parameters because this may be bigger and more widespread than I think.

The symptom of the disorder is pretty easy to spot. An otherwise intelligent, articulate person opens his/her mouth to speak and something crazy pops out: an unrelated word, thought, or person's name. I mean it just pops out-- to the shock of speaker and hearer.

This syndrome from here on out will be referred to as RWD--Random Word Disorder. I identified it and named it, and don't you forget it. When word gets around, I will be famous.--and hopefully speechless. Onomatopoeia. That is a good example of a RWD.

This child still loves me in spite of the fact
that I rarely get her name right.
She's bound to be even more understanding
now that my condition has a name.

at camp


Melita said...

Hilarious! Now, I have a name for my condition; totally can identify!

Renee said...

Can you just see it now? Denise, the RWD inventor in the Guinness book of world records? Yeah baby! woot, woot. You are hilarious girl! Love ya.