Friday, November 06, 2009

Art Project Repost

I posted this project almost two years ago, and I still get an occasional comment on it. I will consider doing a tutorial if there is interest. Just leave a comment if you are so that I know whether it is worth my while. :)

One of the things I miss about not being home all the time is spending time doing creative projects. While visiting at a homeschooling friend's home in Florida, Tessa and I both took time to create with the *best*! If you want to be inspired and encouraged to live creatively, you must visit these folks.

First, I raided their dress-up stuff.
Then I took some photos!


Then Melanie walked me through the steps to create my masterpiece!


The photo captured Tessa's love for entering the world of imagination through books. The canvas looks great in my kitchen and is a reminder of this incredible stage of childhood and an unforgettable visit with friends.


Mimi said...

I love that!!!!
Yes, I would like to know how you did that!!!!
I have the perfect pic to do that on!!!

Jennifer said...

It's beautiful! I would love to know how to make it! :)

Anonymous said...

Yes! Yes! Yes! Tell us how. I bet this would look great with copies of vintage photos also.
a Sparrow

Anonymous said...

I would love to know too!
Amy Rabon

Is Eight Enough? said...

I definitely want to know. I love the photos I have of my kids and would love to do something for my new home!

ritad said...

Please, Please We want to know!

Jan @ bobbypinsboardwalk said...

omg -- I would really love to see the tutorial on this canvas. It is so beautiful!

Vintagesquirrel said...

Um, hello? That is gorgeous! Please share...

Julie said...

I would love a tutorial on this!!! Please share

Denise said...

Coming soon!

Susan said...

I'd love a tutorial on this also! Beautiful.

Scott and Rebekah said...

I would love to learn how to do this - I have some photos that I think would be great like this! Please post tutorial!!!!

Jeana said...

Beautiful. I would love to see a tutorial.

Robin Patrick said...

Well, I know it would certainly be worth MY while if you made a tutorial for the canvas picture. I can just envision my grandchildren looking fabulous in one of these pictures.