Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Christmas 2004
It was the first at The Boxmoor.
The renovations upstairs had barely begun.
Come to think of it, they still have barely begun!
Tessa (8), Ross (6), Nate (4)

Christmas Around the World - Sweden
Homeschool Co-op
What fun memories!



Mimi said...

I must ask --cause your son is now in the military, so are these some younger siblings??? I recognize the dancer daughter, the other 2 boys --I did not know you had 2 smaller boys!!! I'm confused now!!!
Enjoyed those pics!!!!

Denise said...

I have four children and three grandchildren. Kelly is my oldest and is married to Travis. They have Ross, 10; Nate, 8; and Kenzie, 5. Michael is single and works with his dad in our construction business. Ryan is in boot camp, and Tessa is in 7th grade. All of the younger go to the Christian school where Kelly and I work. I am the admin. assistant and Kelly is the art teacher.

Kelly's family lives with us--in the same old house. Of course, they have the back of the house and the east wing and we have the front of the house and the west wing and the upstairs. It is complicated to follow, I know.

If you visit her blog, you will see that we have decorated very differently in the same old house. She has my original kitchen and we added the new one in the front of the house. Now you can just try and follow my posts! :) That will keep you busy!

sara's art house said...

Adorable Christmas pictures!