Saturday, December 12, 2009


This is an exciting Saturday night post because it is the week that I am able to give something away over at Funky Junk's SNS #9!  I like that--being it's Christmas time and all!  I am so thankful for my friends here in blog land--the place where you don't have to dust to entertain.  Thank you all for stopping by and for loving my little birds.  I had no idea!

Tonight I'm going to share a project that I did several years ago.  As a reminder, we moved into this house, which used to be a school, almost six years ago.  For my sanity, I decided then and there that we would be on the ten-year plan when it came to renovating.

One of the sad things--among many--that was done by whomever when this historic home became a school was that the fireplaces were ripped out and boarded over.  Now we neither have the budget nor the desire to bring this house back to its original grandeur.  We just want to have fun and be creative in this home that the Lord provided.  I honestly didn't think I'd have to work so hard, but I digress.

Because my husband is in the construction business, he comes across things.  Lots of things.  My garage is filled with a bunch of things.  There I go digressing again.  Anyway, he quite often comes across old mantles.  Some are in better condition than others, but they all need a bit of sprucing up.  I was over my head in painting in the early days when he brought home the one below, and I distinctly remember telling him that I was not--absolutely was not--going to strip and paint a mantle on top of everything else.  I would do something with it, and it would go up, but it would not be stripped and painted.

Instead it was painted a wee bit and decoupaged with maps and rubbed with something or other and I called it a day.  It  went up in what used to be my homeschool room.  It is now located in my daughter Kelly's side of the house.  I suppose it is technically still referred to as the schoolroom even though none of the children are being homeschooled at this time. 


You may also remember this photo from a few weeks back.  I'm happy to tell you that we are making a bit of progress.  I doubt very much that this project will be completed before the big Christmas party that I'm hosting next week--even though I was assured it would be!  Oh well.  And that's all I can say.  Oh well.

more ceiling

ceiling 008

ceiling 010
Below was one of the photos that inspired me.  I did not under any circumstances want to deal with sheetrock dust throughout the entire house--again.  Call me wimpy, but I have cleaned enough of that stuff to last me a lifetime.  We still have three more drop ceilings to replace, and it may take us the entire last four years of the plan to do it because the job is so big and so messy and so avoided.


Lorie said...

Gorgeous!! Found you through Funky Junk! So glad I did!!

Funky Junk Interiors said...

Holey moley.. that is SOME ceiling!! Amazing!

LOL on your hubby bringing stuff home for YOU to finish. I'd love to see a pic of that garage of yours. :)

Thanks again for hosting the giveaway Denise! Yes, your bird and you are totally superstars!


edie said...

Oh my word, I LOVE THAT CEILING! And how awesome that you're featured at Donna's blog! It was a sweet post about you Ms. Denise. Hope to see you over the break.
love and hugs,

Ali said...

LOVE that ceiling!

Phyllis said...

Hi Denise,

I just discovered you through Funky Junk Interiors (I just discovered her too!).

I want to thank you for posting the little bird tutorial! I love birds and have been wanting to make some with a gusset but didn't know how. I'll be whipping some of these little guys out today for friends!

Merry Christmas to you and yours!!

Cindy said...

That fireplace thing is amazing! What a cool idea, especially for a school room. And the ceiling???? Yeah, I'm just drooling over here.

Leanne said...

My mouth is still hanging open. That is amazingly gorgeous.Wow, I'm in awe. Great job and thanks for sharing this beauty.