Sunday, January 10, 2010


I just can't stop talking about this product.  I just can't stop making my irl visitors stand in the little pink bathroom to listen to me ramble on and on about it.  After this post I will stop.  Promise again.
kaboom before
I had absolutely no intention of saving this floor until a commenter suggested it.  Just to prove that I was making the right decision, I cleaned just a little section.  I was sure the finish would still look terrible, and I would go on with my plans.  The more I did, the more I did.  And then I called Kelly on the phone and asked her to walk up the stairs to see my progress.  I could not leave the room to get her.  Watching that product work is that amazing.  I kid you not.

Kelly said, and I quote, "Oh crap, that looks good!"  And then she said it again, "Oh crap, that looks good!"  She does not usually use the *c* word, so I knew she was impressed.  Needless to say, the other flooring went back--which is going to make the re-do cost pretty impressive.  I didn't get to work much in there this weekend because of other pressing things like end-of-year tax stuff and frozen pipes.

There is a good time to take down a drop ceiling and there is a bad time.  When water is pouring through it at 12:30 a.m. is a good time at a bad time.  KWIM?  Just ask Kelly and Travis since it was on their side of the house.  
Of course, it was a pipe on our side that actually busted, so who is actually responsible?  Thank the good Lord that my husband does this kind of thing for a living.  He usually does pretty well financially in his line of work after freezing weather and natural disasters, but not this time.  He got the work all right--just no payment will be coming in.
And the one room that did not need any work done to it right now has a lovely hole in the wall.
And yes, we had insulated the pipes when we renovated the bathroom.  Go figure.
On a happy note, I will include a little peek at the bathroom progress that does not involve Kaboom.  Lots still to be done so stay tuned.  Yes, the tin will be painted much to Funky Junk's dismay I am sure!



Empty Nest Full Life said...

Such great results on the ceramic tile. I would keep it to. Looking forward to seeing more of the remodel. Jackie

Jenny said...

After reading your other post about Kaboom last night, I went and got some at Lowe's today! I sprayed down the shower and it looks better. The only thing is, I forgot about it. So, I'm sure if I would have scrubbed when I put it on, it would be even better!

I'm going to work on it some more tomorrow!

Mimi said...

Ok, so now I have to start asking questions!!!!
This house, how big is it????And it can be divided into 2 homes????One side is your family's and the other is your daughter's family???
Right so far????
That is quite a large house!!! I realize it used to be a school!!!!
So does it have 2 kitchens and so forth or does those rooms co-exist between you 2????
just curious!!!
I would love to live like that!!!!
all my family in a big giant house with 1 common area and then wings for each family member to have private space!!! Maybe you are on to a new trend!!!!

KolentynePoppy said...

oh my! that looks so good now!!! we have a 40+ yo tile floor in our bathroom. do I dare?