Saturday, January 30, 2010


I'm always a day or a week late to the party over at Funky Junk. She recently did a take-your-blogging-buddies-to-work post. That was fun. While most of us will never get to paint a firetruck as she did, at least some of us will get to dress like a fireman at work. Nananabooboo.  Is that how you spell that?
When I am not cooperating with the training on the highly-technical sprinkler system, I can be found right in the middle of the mess below.   It actually does look worse in pictures.  I should have tidied up first.  Let me just say that I am highly productive most of the time at this desk.  And every now and then, it slows down enough for me to organize it.  It hasn't been now and then for a long time though.  Actually I have two desks to keep neat at this time. 
Oh, you can see the second desk right there past the three filing cabinets.  I can just roll in my chair back and forth, back and forth.  Fun.
desk area
Even in the chaos or should I say especially in the chaos, I must have my happy places.  One is in my rolodex.  It is a very happy place for me.  Not only does it contain everything I need to know at my fingertips, it also makes me smile.  That is important at my job.
rolodex 3
Anytime I am bored--which is never--I can just flip through and find a great thought or quote.  I can also find the number for the fire department--just in case the sprinkler training does not pan out.
There is also something fun and comforting about running my mouse all over the faces of my grandchildren and daughter.
And what would a home away from home be without a potted plant and a famous bird?  Nothing, I say.
And finally, this about sums up my attitude when visitors come by asking for something. 
pitch a fit
Oh, and one more thing that is plentiful around my place of employment--kids, lots of them--even right there under my feet.


KolentynePoppy said...

Thank you. I might jump in (a week late, too!)

I love Donna's post, too!

Your other post about ADD? Amazing!


slommler said...

Great pics! And I love your Roli-Dex!! Wonderful! So happy and fun!!

Mimi said...

Sometimes I wish I had 2 desks, one for fun stuff and one for the serious bill paying and to do list kind!!!!

Funky Junk Interiors said...

So ya think you one upped me on the fire gear, eh? Let me ponder that one a tad longer and I'll get back to you. :)

Cool post. Your roledex rocks!

Why are you so cute anyway?!? Bleah. :)


Beth said...

Loved your post, but especially the name of it! Now i'm singing that song ( which I love ) from Cinderella! In my own little corner, in my own little world...i can be what ever I want to beeeeeee! Thanks for helping me remember's a good memory. I loved that old Cinderella with Leslie Ann Warren but i have no idea who the handsome prince was..guess I need to go google it!

Mimi said...

I LOVE exclamation points!!!! It makes it seem to me like I am happy to say that, is it a secret sign of ADHD???Never heard that one before.....I will try and not do that so much now!
Yep, type A that is me, not as much as when I was younger with more energy and no grandbaby that is MY FULL time attention getter now, house work can wait til another day!Right??

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Jessica said...

love your rolodex. great to talk to you the other day. i did get the email, and i told her i would come. . .i think. she said it was friday, feb. 16? but that is on a tuesday? so is it on the 19th?

as you can see. . .i'm not suppose to be on here, but i just thought i'd jump on your blog really quick to see if you had posted lately! yeah. . .
ok...tootledoos...hope your friday is fabulous at that super fun desk!!!

pk @ Room Remix said...

For some reason I can see all of your photos EXCEPT for the rolodex one, which is unfortunate because it sounds like it's pretty cool. :-(

Anonymous said...

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