Saturday, January 30, 2010


It snowed in East Tennessee today--not a lot, really--but more than it has in about seven or eight years. You would have thought by the news coverage that we were preparing for a natural disaster. I know, I know, it's the way it is done in the south. I can still laugh, can't I?

I love snow, by the way.

Because it doesn't snow here much, we don't invest in *proper* outerwear.  By proper, I mean outerwear that actually coordinates.  The boys are not all that happy about having to wear Tessa's hand-me-downs.  And I think that Tessa has on my boots and Kelly's pants and gloves.  It's all good.


KolentynePoppy said...

I'm sure the boys didn't give a hoot once they got outside and frolicked in the white stuff!!!

Now when they were putting the gear on, they probably were belly aching a bit. At least that's how it would play out here at my house!!!

Guess I didn't realize that TN got snow. Wow! Our friends live in Franklin. And they were hit with it too!!

Have a great weekend!

Michelle said...

Denise thaks so much for leaving a comment on my blog. I didn't think that anyone would actually find it!! I can't wait to learn all the ins and outs.

We have about the same amount of snow here in upstate New york. Playing in the snow is the best for little boys, it really burns off some of their extra energy!!

slommler said...

Love the pic of the kids in the outer wear!! Looks good to me. They seem warm and cozy. Bet they had a blast with the snow. We got 16 inches here??!! Yuck!

Tessa/Lorenias said...

Ach my hat looks ridiculous!

Laryssa Herbert said...

We live about 30 minutes north of Nashville and got 3" of snow. We are in the same situation that you real snow clothes. You would have laughed to see us. Mis-matched gloves, me wearing my husband's sweatpants, etc. :-)

One of His Sparrows said...

Tell the boys that it all starts with the snow pants. The color doesn't matter but with those things on you don't even need a sled! Whoosh! Also you stay drier so you you can withstand cold temperatures for a longer period of time. My sister and I got ours in the men's department of Goodwill in college and still use them. I wish we could trade our dark navy and brown for their bright colors. That would make them happier but we aren't as little as Tessa. Well maybe one of us is but ...

A Sparrow

Mimi said...

HI!!! For snow I would wear anything!!!!
The boys and everyone look so cool!!!!