Wednesday, February 10, 2010


On any given day, a zillion ideas for blog topics pop in my head.  Unfortunately, there is just not time to actually write about each one.  I feel good if I get something substantial written once a week.  This week that did not happen, so I am feeling a bit stressed.  I am, therefore, going to post ten interesting or not-so-interesting things that randomly pop in my head as I type.  Just because.
  1. I have avoided Blissdom posts because of sheer jealousy.  I couldn't go this year, and  I am still pouting.
  2. I have booked my spring break get-away to Disney using Disney dollars.  I even booked a room for Kelly and family.  And we're meeting tons of friends there.  Well not tons, but seven or ten or so.
  3. I am loving the book Ishmael that I received for a gift at Christmas.  That algebra tutoring was sooo worth it.
  4. I am overwhelmed with what God thinks I can accomplish this year at school.
  5. I have been invited to join local bloggers for lunch!  Edie will share about Blissdom, and I will pout some more.
  6. I am almost done with my bathroom redo.  Can I hear an amen?
  7. I am sick of paying for dance lessons only to have them canceled because of  the possibility of snow. 
  8. I am going to be a grandmother again.
  9. I am enjoying another season of American Idol.  I do not miss Paula.  I will miss Simon next year.
  10. I am going to finish that map bird and mail it to the winner from Funky Junk by this weekend!  Promise.
Cardinal by Nate, Age 5


Wow!  That was pretty random.  Be glad that I omitted the post about the local meat market and learning to ski.  Yes, I did sneak in the big announcement.  Subtle, eh?


Funky Junk Interiors said...

Congrats grandma! :)

Get creating so you have something to report back. There! Problem solved.


KolentynePoppy said...

I've missed you. I'm crazy like that. Sorry.

Skiing, eh? You'll love it!

Can't wait to see the re-do, too!


Mimi said...

First off----cause it means the most to me!!!!
Congrats on a New Grand baby on the way!!!! So happy for you!!!! I want lots more!!!!!
I agree about Idol, I love it and I miss Paula too, and yes, Simon is Simon, but I like his humor and his honesty!!!!
Is Kelly--the Kelly from Kelly's corner????
Disney Dollars, I have some of those, actually lots, I ahve bought them since they started way back in the 80's?????
Our 2nd daughter is a Manager at Epcot, maybe I can work out a free admission for 3 of you!!!!
I'll get back to you on that!!!!
if it's spring break it may be blocked out for employees!!! But I'll check!!!

slommler said...

Like your randomness!! Learned to ski, huh? Cool!! I am enjoying Idol too. Paula I don't miss but Simon I will. They need him. Love the baby. A grand?? Wowzers! Congrats! I have five and they are all grown up now...sniff! But being a grandma is the best job ever!!

Jessica said...

love your random. . .i love reading randoms or 10 on tuesdays! so fun!!!
congrats on being a grandma again! precious!!!!!

i have rods in my back and part of my hip bone is gone, so i, too, have to be very careful what i do! i can't ride horses or anything. . . but that pic above of your foot. . .oh my!!! have a great weekend!

Justine said...

Oh my goodness, we need to talk! I am so happy for Kelly! Read between the lines. :o) Yes, I got my web cam, just got to set it up. I just looked and it has walked off my desk. Oh yeah! LOL!!