Sunday, February 28, 2010


I've missed my friends.

The juggler has dropped a few balls this month--and just when I thought I was about ready for my circus interview.  It has been crazy with extra hours at work, out-of-state company, tax preparation, and who can even remember what else.  February has been a blur.  I've been incredibly busy, but have had nothing worthy to blog about.  Nobody out there is really interested in school accreditation, tax record organization, or the family dinner from hell.  Well, maybe somebody would be interested in the last one, but I can't really go there for many reasons. 

In the midst of the craziness this week, I was able to carve out time--believe me, this was in the miracle category--to meet with local bloggers for lunch.  I needed the distraction and the fellowship and am thankful to Patty for organizing it.  I do realize that Blog World friendships, although extremely important to me and fulfilling, are no replacement for the occasional hug around the neck in real life.  Edie is always good for a hug.

This would be a good place to include a photo from the lunch, but then that would mean that I would have had to take my camera.  That's right, I was busy juggling and couldn't carry it.  There were two folks in the professional photographer category there (Patty and Jessica), so any photo I might have taken probably would not have compared; so when they post about the get-together, I'll just link up.
What I took away from our lunch was that everybody has something to share--whether you have blogged for five years or five months. I about got giddy when I was able to add the link to Patty's blog to my dashboard reader.  It was so simple, but I had no idea that it could be done by pasting the link in.  Thank you, Kim, for that little tidbit of information. 

I have also learned so much lately from my youngest daughter, Tessa, who now has, I think, three blogs.  She has made headers and buttons and tabs and scrolling messages.  She has connected with other young ladies and now participates in an online book club and a group writing project.  I am truly blessed to get to share one of my passions with this incredible daughter.  And I think it is pretty neat that she invites me to read her diary (blog).  Not so long ago, we hid these from our parents.  But then not many of us had a juggler for a mom.  That must seem cool to her, right?



patty said...

tessa is beautiful, and really growing up! i enjoyed the lunch so much, too! i hope to blog on it later this week.. lots to do! :)

Heidi said...

Glad you are back. Love Tessa's hair. That is awesome that you are able to meet other bloggers in person. I haven't been blessed enough to be able to do that. Maybe some day.


audrey said...

i wanted to thank you for the bird pattern. I've made a bird house for my 2 daugters' room and i was looking for a nice bird, to put on.
yours are perfect !!

Audrey, a french reader (excuse my english ...)

ps: you can leave me a com if you visit my blog...

slommler said...

Tessa is gorgeous and I love her new look!! Fabulous!
I so know how life can get crazy!! I am glad that you got to have lunch with blogland people...that is really terrific!

Mimi said...

You have been busy!!!!
me too, I wonder where Jan and Feb went!!!!!
Of course I can go back to my blog, because I blog about everything, it is like my personal journal or diary!!!! An adult one , and one to share!!!!haha
Love Tessa's new hair style, so cute!!!! She is growing up so fast, it is sad that they have to do that, I keep telling my granddaughter stay Mimi's baby!!!! She says yes!!!!in the cutest little voices ever, she kinda lisps her Yes!!!!
oh well have a great first week of March!!!!

edie said...

Oh so good to see you my juggler friend. And I know, I'm a hugger to a fault. And Tessa's hair is wonderful! {Don't let Emme see you Tessa, she's been dying to get hers cut!} And Denise, hopefully your schedule will relax a bit, you need summer!
hugs, {see I even hug online}

Jessica said...

first, what a cool salon! love that brick wall.. second, no photoshopping to that pic. . .promise! i just feel like my chins keep going and going. . .

third, glad you are back. fourth, did you get my email, and finally, tessa is beautiful!! hope you had a good wkend!

Debbie said...

So glad you are back and didn't get hurt with all the juggling you've been doing... didn't drop something on your foot.
I just love reading your blog and seeing the pictures you share of your family.
Glad you had some "girl" time for you!

Be blessed,

Kolein said...

I REALLY have missed you. I know I can't give you a real hug around the neck, but I am your friend just the same. In a techy kinda way.

I was thinking about you last night and thought "today when I get on the computer, I'm emailing her ALREADY!"

Your daughter is so sweet!

And in our house I feel like the BALL being juggled. Pretty much every single day!

And how. Just how, did you find blog people where you lived???

kim said...

Thanks for mentioning me in your blog, I felt famous there for a second or two :)