Sunday, March 28, 2010


march 2010 632
I'd love to say that my bathroom is 100% done, but that is not the way we do things around here.  If I wait until every last little thing is completed, then you may never see a reveal.  The fact is that I am so enjoying my newly decorated space, that even I am willing to overlook the two or three things yet to be finished.  I wish I had the time to go into detail about this remodel, but I am desperate to get a post up so I am not forgotten out there in blog world.  Enjoy!
The project started way back in December.  I wrote about the tear-out here
The story continued here and here.  And I'm pretty sure it ends today. 
a peek through the door before
pink bathroom 2
 a peek through the door after
the Goodwill curtain that Kelly so generously gave to me
march 2010 623
the painted towel bar, ruffled towels, and lavender sachet
march 2010 615
march 2010 607
the $5 auction chandelier (shades extra)
march 2010 616
the window that will be painted when the weather is nicer
march 2010 624
1/6/11 post edit:  the window painted and dressed
the ceiling waiting for crown
1/6/11 post edit:  the ceiling with crown
the awesome plastic beadboard product used in the shower
the awesome old tin bought at the same auction as the chandelier
march 2010 629
and, of course, a bird
march 2010 609
1/6/11 post edit:  little touch
Cost Breakdown:
beadboard and trim:  $30-$40
old tin:  $10 
light fixture:  $5
shades for light fixture:  $24
Kaboom:  $5 (and worth every penny)
shower curtain and towels:  $50
rug:  $10
bucket for towels:  $4
paint:  whatever (didn't take much)
crown molding:  no idea (might have leftovers from another job)
towel bar, frog light, seashell curtain, metal shelf, lavender sachet:  shopped the house


Mimi said...

I must say I LOVE that chandelier and I would have guessed over 100.00 or more for that!!! That is a great find!!!!!
I love the ruffled towels, the shower curtain too!!!!
And it looks so fresh and new!!!
Beautiful job and well worth the wait!!

slommler said...

It looks terrific! Love the chandelier!! Everything is beautiful. Crown molding is a wonderful idea and will really set this bathroom off. Love the tin panel!!

The Tidy Brown Wren said...

So cute! Who knew a pink bathroom could look so nice and refreshing. You did a gret job.

Laurie at The Turner Farm said...

Wow, looks great! You did a wonderful job. That tin and the chandelier, amazing. And of course, love that birdie!

Dan and Deb said...

So glad you saved the pink tile...

B Lines said...

That looks awesome!

Kolein said...

YAY! You're back!!!! I missed you!!

OK, I remember that floor!! Oh yeah! That bathroom looks so lovely. I'm so looking for chandies now. Really. There's a lot on CL here. Love the ruffles touch on the towels and sh. curtain. And the frog couple dancing lamp!!!! YES!!

That bathroom is a totally, classy make over. It looks so beautiful Denise! And if it makes you feel any better, I live the life where projects are just barely finished too...but isn't that life anyway???

OH and I have to ask about the plastic stuff on the tub?? What is it? LOve the tin thing, too! And all your special touches!

Did you tell me this was all done for $100???

Jessica said...

it looks great! i love your towels and your shower curtain. . .and that cute little lamp is precious! hope you are good. .

Anonymous said...

Denise, it looks so yummy! Great job! Buffie ")

Denise said...

Dan and Deb,

You challenged me and I am glad that I saved the tile as well. Thanks!

Denise said...


I added the cost breakdown to the post just for you. :)

Empty Nest Full Life said...

I love it, and I have seen so many rooms using chandeliers that I am cringing at the thought of all the chandeliers that I have missed at the thrift stores. I know you are enjoying it. Great job! Jackie

Susie Q said...

where did you find that lovely shower curtain?? That is so gorgeous and matching towels. Now wondering if I can figure it out for our bath!

Denise said...

Shower curtain and towels are from Target. Love that place!

Funky Junk Interiors said...

Gorgeous! Plastic beadboard?!? Huh???? I want me somma that! That towel bar is exquisite! Light? Unreal. Well done my friend!


over the door towel rack said...

It looks terrific! Love the chandelier!! Everything is beautiful. Crown molding is a wonderful idea and will really set this bathroom off. Love the tin panel!!