Sunday, April 11, 2010


We have debated about putting a roof over our back porch, and I have remained resistant because of how dark it will make the two rooms with windows in that area.  It does present a problem, however, because when we are inclined to sit out there--at dinner time--the sun is blinding.  Also, it just does not feel  very cozy or private with all the foot and car traffic. It's just part of living in the city.
I saw some sun sails in a recent issue of Better Homes and Gardens and decided to try to  make some  for cheap--because I love for cheap
painter's drop cloth, $13.98
Scotchguard, $5.88

I started by cutting the triangular shapes.  I only made two and have enough material for two more if I need them.  If not, I'll find another use for the leftover material.
I cut some rings off of belts that Tessa no longer used in staying with my for cheap theme and got some black stuff from Kelly's key chain stash.
I treated the sails with Scotchguard, and then I took my life in my hands with my bad back and bad foot and braved the ladder to install some hooks.  Ibuprofen is my friend.

In the middle of the installation, Kelly and I had a brainstorm about a hammock that I had bought several years ago for cheap.  She bought one too.  And neither of us have ever figured out what to do with them.  Well, today, I turned mine into a privacy curtain on my porch. 
By the time we were finished, the sun was no longer in our eyes, so tomorrow will tell if we placed the sails in the right place. 
I tell you, it feels so much cozier.  I am a bit concerned about the cat, however, who was walking across the beams eyeballing the sails as if they were hammocks for her.  I don't want to be sitting at the table when she attempts to try it out. 
Tessa is really into photography lately and was experimenting with my camera all weekend.  I sent her out to get a few shots for me to share.  The one below is of the mailbox I got for cheap ($20) at a community store nearby and the unbelievable post that a friend made for it.

Our neighborhood is so pretty in the spring.  It seems that every week, a different tree is blooming.  We walk to church every Sunday--rain or shine--but this season is my favorite!

My sister sent the flag below to me this week, and it is very special.  It is to be displayed in the window of families who have someone serving in the military during a time of war.  Both she and I have sons in the army.  My nephew, Greg, and my son, Ryan, are both stationed at the same base in Colorado.  Greg is in Afghanistan now and Ryan will be deploying sometime this summer.  We are very proud of both of them.

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Midwestern Gone Idahoan said...

What a great idea!!! And I so smiled thinking about the cat!!!

Polly C said...

Great ideas! I love resourcefulness. I liked the pictures too. Especially the one with the branch.

Kolein said...


My gosh your home is gorgeous. And you're so talented. I don't think you should come for a visit after all. I got nuthin'. Cept a few songs. ;<

Those sails are lovely and the hammock curtain? Way to go!!!

Your daughter's photos are beautiful! I love seeing her reflection in some of them!

Linda said...

Very cool sails! Great idea and I also love all the photos!

Amy Kinser said...

Great idea! Love the cheap and good looking fix.

Funky Junk Interiors said...

Smarty pants you are! Love the sail idea! It looks so festive! Gosh that is one pretty patio area.

And Tessa, awesome photos, girl! The reflection make them ultra special. :)


slommler said...

What a fabulous idea! The cat coming to check it out cracks me up. I will have to check back and see what happens.

Karen@StrictlySimpleStyle said...

Hi, stopping in for the first time. Your neighborhood looks so pretty. Don't you wish that the trees could stay in bloom like that year round? They always look and smell so good.

martinealison said...

J'ai parcouru l'ensemble de votre blog. Très belles photos de vos petits enfants sur la plage...

Terri Smith said...

Absolutely stunning! The added color lends itself nicely as a backdrop..and the use of the canvas dropcloth was ingenious. Your lawn is so nicely landscaped and the blooming trees are gorgeous!

Blessings, Joy and Wednesday Sunshine, Terri

Patty said...

I think the sun sails look great!

Mimi said...

YOU INDEED are very Creative!!!!Who would have thought to make a sail boat sail cover for the patio!!!I love it!!! ANd love the hammock hanging for that extra color!!!YOur daughter is going to be a very good photographer, I love the one of the reflection of church and her in the door window!!!!!
Love the spring look in the neighborhood!!! Also that black wrought iron detail on the posts on your patio is exquisite!!!!
have a great week

Rose said...

I like the dropcloth sail idea! I'll have to keep this in mind this summer.
Your daughter's photos are great. Sure wish I knew how to take pics. Mine come out awful.
That flag is very interesting. Now I will know what it means when I see one. Thanks for sharing that.
Please extend my thanks to your son and nephew for their selfless service to our country. You've every reason to be proud of them.
My son was Air Force and is now National Guard. I remember how difficult it was when he was deployed.

Tammy at Tattered and Timeless said...

Great flag..I have seen those around. Where do you get them? My hubby is in Afghanistan right now...

Kolein said...

So did you and your daughter put the canvas sails in the right spot to block out the sun? Just wondering!

Jessica said...

loved reading this post and the last. i've been slacking in blog world. ahah!
i love your "roof" you made. we are trying to decide on what to do on our back patio as well. we have no clue! i love your idea!

i was talking to someone today and your name got brought up. . .just talking about how much you do!!

hope your back and foot are feeling better. my back is hurting right now as well. i have rods in my back, and i decided to plant almost 700 seeds in our garden on saturday. BAD IDEA!

anyways. have a good tuesday!