Monday, May 31, 2010


The first mom/daughter thing that Tessa and I get to do together each summer is dance recital.  No, I don't get to dance, but I do get to hang out at the theater for a gazillion hours.  Really.  Ask Edie if you don't believe me. And I enjoy almost every minute of watching my little girl interact with her friends and dance her heart out.  I say almost because those theater seats have to be the most uncomfortable . . . well, never you mind, it was all worth it.  I have worked a lot this year and did not spend time at the studio, so each dance Tessa did left me totally amazed.  I had no idea how much she had grown as a dancer.  Some people hate backstage time, but not Tessa.  She loves it all!
spending time with friends
tessa and friends
snack time
watching the younger dancers
the make-up
the costumes
the shoes that are like old friends
the chaos
the dinner break with mom between performances
the need for organization
the memories
the finishing touches


Nothing says summer like happy faces and blue skies.  Just saying.
And some would say that wind you your face says summer.
mike on bike
Or is it water in your face?  I'm not so sure any more.
harrell park
Whatever, summer just makes everyone happier--even Aunt Marie!
Camping at the lake with your buddies says summer. 
Ross, Seth, and Aidan
That includes girl buddies, too!
Abby, Tessa, Hannah
And, of course, what would summer be without a little drama, right?
Olivia, cast member
Conrad and Elijah, cast members
The impromptu lake performers getting into the plot.  
Well, plot is a strong word.
Perhaps they are searching for a plot.
Some think snazzy costumes can take the place of a plot.
The captivated audience anticipates the next scene.  Captivated is also a strong word.
captive audience
I do remember there was a princess and an ogre . . .
Does that ogre have icing on his face and pickles for teeth?
Whose idea was that?  *wink*
This fellow has come a long way since his days in the NFL.
the ogre
As a recap--there was a princess and an ogre . . .
. . . and a bunch of blondes . . .

. . . and a finale!
Can I hear an Amen or a Hallelujah or Thank the good Lord---anything but ENCORE!
Yes, summer says MEMORIES!
cast photo

Monday, May 10, 2010


I have spent the last week in Ohio by my mother's hospital bed.  There were many sad and emotional moments as my brother, sister, and I received her diagnosis of lung and brain cancer.  There  were also moments of  laughter and smiles.  Many of those moments were spent with my great-niece, Hayden--or thrift shopping with my sister-in-law, Marie--and my chef brother's cooking was something to smile about as well.
The days ahead are full of uncertainty, but I know the One who holds all of my tomorrows, and I am so thankful that I will be able to trust Him to walk beside me each step of the way.  I don't know what people do without Jesus and Christian friends.  I am so very blessed.

Saturday, May 01, 2010


I used to laugh when people said that time goes by faster when you are older.  It's really not so funny now.  I have no idea where the days and months keep going.  It just doesn't seem possible that another school year is almost over.  And can my little girl be half way through her thirteenth year?  Certainly not. 
tessa foot

tessa wall standing

tessa stop

tessa spring
Tessa and the grandchildren ran in their first race today at a fundraiser for the school.  There are some advantages to living right downtown, and today we were blessed to be able to just walk the two blocks to the start line.  Translated that means that we did not have to get up as early as most of the other participants and race planners.  I liked that.  Every one of our family members either ran or volunteered.  Of course, I volunteered.  The main race was 5K, but the kids could choose to run the mile course.
Nate, Tessa, Kenzie, Hannah, Tabitha, and Ross
warathon 335
Tessa, Morgan, and Hannah
warathon 366
Ross and Kenzie
warathon 369
Tessa crossing the finish line.  She came in first.  I was very excited!
Nate came in second and Ross came in fifth.  Not bad for being related to me.
I drive to the mailbox.
warathon 423
She doesn't even look tired, but she was.
warathon 424
Michael ran with Kenzie.  She made it the entire way.
warathon 439
The happy girl with her basket of goodies!
warathon 466
Morgan ran the 5K.  She said it was her first and last. 
warathon 472

warathon 478