Sunday, November 21, 2010


Oh, what we'll do to get curls!
Tessa, 11 months old
tessa curly wig
I absolute love curly hair--not the permed, poodle kind that my mother thought was so cute back in the 60's--but big, loose, wonderful curls.  Add some ruffles and lace and . . . perfection.  Unfortunately, I have been blessed with just enough wave to be annoying.  Growing up in the 60's and 70's did not help my hair dilemma.  There were no flatirons or curling irons, and hairdryers came with big plastic bonnets.  If you wanted curls, you had to sleep on curlers (brush or sponge) or get a perm. Even though my dad worked for Clairol back in the day, he did not bring home any free samples that impressed me or my bushy hair.  Probably because I am still recovering from the damage of all the bad hair comments of my youth, I am a sucker for products that make hair sleek and shiny or curly.
I usually practice the curly stuff on my girls around the holidays.  Last year I purchased these nifty curlers to use on the girls' hair for Easter.  
ringlet curlers
Step One:  Thread curler on stick
march 2010 023
Step Two:  Hook a hunk of hair and pull through
march 2010 024
Step Three:  Repeat a bunch of times
march 2010 026
Step Four:  Remove curlers (sorry, no photo--it was Easter morning)
Step Five:  Photograph curly hair
When Kelly was little, I literally ripped old sheets and applied sugar water to get the rag-curl ringlets.  If I wasn't so lazy, I'd dig out the photo with her head in rags.  She would be thrilled.
Kelly, 6 and Michael,  2 1/2
sailor photo
I have no idea what came over me a couple of months ago when I was walking through the mall and the kiosk girl offered to curl Tessa's and Abby's hair after we had visited the Mac counter for some eyeshadow tips.  And I really am still at a loss why I ended up buying the curling irons.  And I absolutely will not ever put in writing how much they cost, so don't ask.  All I will say is shop around and be prepared for what curls do to girls.  Just saying.
And by the way, all of the grandsons got plenty of curls. 
Ross, 2 years old
ross with pumpkin
In the next post--and it will not take me months--you will see more of the process and a lot more curly girl photos.


Marissa said...

I, too, have bought an ungodly amount of products/tools to help me get my flat/straight hair to have voluptuous curls or wavy "beachy" hair. Ridiculous. And I loved the island pics....looks like a great place!

Kolein said...

Frizz, waves & white prongs grow out of this head of mine!

LOVE all the curls in these shots!!! Curls really do something to us girls! That I GET!!!

So glad to hear from YOU!

Hope you're feeling better, too! We are just getting over quite a round of it here....the entire month! We got hit right after we ALL got the flu shot. *scratching head*


slommler said...

OMG! I remember I wanted straight Cher!! So I ironed and I rolled in the largest rollers I could find. Yes, I too slept in rollers! Ouch!!!
Loved the curly pics of the girls!!

Anonymous said...

Keep posting stuff like this i really like it