Tuesday, December 07, 2010


I have had decorate mailbox on my to-do list for several Christmas seasons and am happy to say that I can finally cross it off.  With greenery from the shed and flowers and berries from the Dollar Tree and a bow that I actually made myself using the Bow-dabra that my daughter gave to me last year for Christmas, I completed this project with weeks to spare.


I've been kind of busy this month with Tessa's theater debut in White Christmas.  She's got a very important, lead role--okay so it's just one dance and the finale, but she's a star to me!  I love, love, love the theater and have enjoyed every minute of being the stage mom.  I love breathing in the Aquanet as I stick over 60 bobby pins a performance in Tessa's hair and I love that I can't get "Sisters" or "Snow" out of my head and I love sneaking in back stage to capture random moments with cast members and I love the new friends I've made. 
backstage fun
november2010 014




And because I am so fond of all the new friends we've made, I've decided to make a little something for them so that they don't ever forget us or the show.  A sweet friend gave me one of these nifty paper birds a while back, and I flattered her by copying it.  I bought some two-sided tan paper from Hobby Lobby and copied White Christmas music onto it.  I then spent all afternoon cutting out.  I had no idea how long cutting birds and wings would take, or maybe I would have just wished them a Merry Christmas.


This is the original gifted bird.
This is the finished White Christmas bird.  Cute, huh?
paper bird


Kolein said...

You must have some seriously calm weather there! Ours would be a snow drift in point 3 seconds up here!!!

Right now we have a 12 inches of snow on our utilitarian silver mailbox with the dents in the side from the plows!!!

Yours is gorgeous!!!!

Denise said...

I'm not sure this town even owns a plow, so my mailbox is safe. :)

martinealison said...

Avec une telle boîte aux lettres vous allez recevoir je l'espère de magnifiques lettres... Bises

slommler said...

What beautiful photos and she looks amazing!!!
I love the theater too!! The energy and creativity is so energizing!!! Fabulous!
And the birds are wonderful!! They will love them

Kolein said...

TWEETS!! oh those kinda tweets!

They are sweet !!!

You are so beautiful to do all of that for folks! And very clever with the words to the song! WOW!


Empty Nest Full Life said...

Pretty mailbox and what a great idea with the birds. Wish I had the time to do a bunch, and beautiful girl you have there. I know you are proud.Jackie

One of His Sparrows said...

I am extremely flattered. What a special reminder of a beautiful event. Your birds are beautiful but not as beautiful as your special daughter!