Tuesday, December 07, 2010


I have observed that there are some seasons in life that creativity is my *place* or my escape from whatever stress life throws at me. But for most of this past year, my *place* has not been in creating but more in solitude and reflection. I've missed my creative side, but have, I suppose, needed the break.

I was extremely thrilled in October when I had one of those moments--you know, when *the* idea hits you. Usually it happens in the shower, but not this time!  I was immediately energized and excited to execute the project.  I have been doing bulletin boards at the school on and off for the past five years.  It is not really one of my favorite parts of the job.  And after a while, season after season, they all start looking the same.  Well, not mine this fall.  I know--it's not the right season to post this, but it's when I am doing anyway!

Unfortunately, I deleted the photos of the board from my camera and only had some that were taken with my phone.  The lift-up flaps had jokes on them with the answer on the inside.  My favorite joke:  Why do Pilgrims' pants fall down?  Because they wear their buckles on their hats.  Doesn't that just make you crack up and grin and smile and guffaw?  It did me.  I was in a needy place.

fall bulletin board

fall bulletin board

If only I could come up with something original for winter now!


Kolein said...

I've got one:

Where do Snowmen go to dance?

Snow Balls!!!!

(it doesn't take much for me to guffaw!)

I LOVE your Fall bulletin board. In a time of solitude and reflection you still managed to make people smile & laugh!
Love that about you!!!


Denise said...

Oh, I so want to use that! :) I love corny, corny, corny!

slommler said...

Oh I love corny!! And your bulletin board looks wonderful.
I can't wait to see what you will come up with for winter!!!!!!

Jessica said...

a little late. . .
but i've done two outside my class. . .pre-school though.
one is Jesus loves you snow much. and it's snowflakes that my kids make with their parents!!
the other is Jesus is the best gift, and the kids colored a gift that i drew and copied!
for fall, i did a "corny" one too. . .remember pre-school.
i did...pre-k makes us go corny! they make the folding corn with wadded up tissue. . .
anyways, love your board, AND. . .i'm so happy to read you talked to ryan! i was praying for you!