Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Donna, over at Funky Junk, has once again inspired me to post something about junk.  This time it is about junk in the garden.  Unfortunately, she couldn't have ask for links next week after the spring plantings.  She wanted junk, so I'm going to give her junk--weeds and all.
I have a little garden by my back porch which is where most enter my home.  I have quite a few interesting pieces that mix well with the perennials and annuals each year.
march 2010 027
Three of these concrete whatevers were found under a porch when we moved in.  I knew that even broken, they would add interest in the gardens.
march 2010 028
This old sink came from my mother's house in Ohio.  It looks a lot better when the annuals are planted.  Really.  I can hardly imagine it.  Now it is sporting a maple tree.  How unusual.  *grin*
march 2010 029
This climbing hydrangea is out of control already, and it's just April.  My concrete things may be totally covered up this year.
march 2010 031

And not to be out done, I have a furry friend who is going to have to find a new bed when the flowers get planted. 

Sunday, April 11, 2010


We have debated about putting a roof over our back porch, and I have remained resistant because of how dark it will make the two rooms with windows in that area.  It does present a problem, however, because when we are inclined to sit out there--at dinner time--the sun is blinding.  Also, it just does not feel  very cozy or private with all the foot and car traffic. It's just part of living in the city.
I saw some sun sails in a recent issue of Better Homes and Gardens and decided to try to  make some  for cheap--because I love for cheap
painter's drop cloth, $13.98
Scotchguard, $5.88

I started by cutting the triangular shapes.  I only made two and have enough material for two more if I need them.  If not, I'll find another use for the leftover material.
I cut some rings off of belts that Tessa no longer used in staying with my for cheap theme and got some black stuff from Kelly's key chain stash.
I treated the sails with Scotchguard, and then I took my life in my hands with my bad back and bad foot and braved the ladder to install some hooks.  Ibuprofen is my friend.

In the middle of the installation, Kelly and I had a brainstorm about a hammock that I had bought several years ago for cheap.  She bought one too.  And neither of us have ever figured out what to do with them.  Well, today, I turned mine into a privacy curtain on my porch. 
By the time we were finished, the sun was no longer in our eyes, so tomorrow will tell if we placed the sails in the right place. 
I tell you, it feels so much cozier.  I am a bit concerned about the cat, however, who was walking across the beams eyeballing the sails as if they were hammocks for her.  I don't want to be sitting at the table when she attempts to try it out. 
Tessa is really into photography lately and was experimenting with my camera all weekend.  I sent her out to get a few shots for me to share.  The one below is of the mailbox I got for cheap ($20) at a community store nearby and the unbelievable post that a friend made for it.

Our neighborhood is so pretty in the spring.  It seems that every week, a different tree is blooming.  We walk to church every Sunday--rain or shine--but this season is my favorite!

My sister sent the flag below to me this week, and it is very special.  It is to be displayed in the window of families who have someone serving in the military during a time of war.  Both she and I have sons in the army.  My nephew, Greg, and my son, Ryan, are both stationed at the same base in Colorado.  Greg is in Afghanistan now and Ryan will be deploying sometime this summer.  We are very proud of both of them.

I am linking this post up to Funky Junk's SNS. 

Funky Junk's Saturday Nite Special

Sunday, April 04, 2010


We spent the night at Jekyll Island on our way to Florida, and it was a great choice.  It was done on a whim--which is how we usually do things--and the kids had an absolute blast picking up sand dollars.  There were literally thousands of them on the beach.  I'm just posting some random shots in no particular order. 

march 2010 202
march 2010 203
march 2010 207
march 2010 222
march 2010 214
march 2010 261
Jekyll Island
march 2010 287
march 2010 274
march 2010 249
march 2010 243
march 2010 239
march 2010 236


The day started with dressing nicer than usual and preparing food earlier than usual and then walking to church for Sunday school and the service.  After church, we did what we usually do on the two days a year when the Michaels wear ties, we take some photos on the front lawn.
family shot

And just who could resist photographing this doll baby?  Not I, I tell you--Not I!  Six years ago, we finished Easter dinner and cleaned up the mess and crawled into bed.  And then we got up right quickly and headed to the birth center where Kenzie made her entrance in the wee hours of the morning--on my birthday I might add.  It seems like yesterday.  If you are loving those curls like I am, you might want me to tell you about the niftiest curlers ever! 
kenzie lawn

Number one son, Michael. 

While we were taking photos, the ham was burning nicely in the oven.  Too bad I didn't get a picture of that.  It looked a lot like ham jerky.  Thank goodness we all have strong teeth.  We packed up all the delicious, perfectly-prepared food and headed to the boat for the first family meal of the season on the lake. 
The weather was perfect--maybe 80 degrees, and it was quite nice to eat outside.

I think the kids were a little bored since it was not swimming weather.  There is just so much you can do on a little house boat.  Kenzie decided to try to catch something with the net. 

Maybe just a few more photos should be taken of that child.  Just a few.

Okay, so not to give a complex to the others, I did tell Ross to smile once or twice. 

When we had had enough of sitting and relaxing--a thing that does not come naturally to most of us, we decided to scoff down the ice cream and pack up for home.  It's a big production coming and going.  That's probably why I don't do it all that much.

And who could resist the belly comparison shot?  Not I, I tell you--Not I.  At least Kelly's is temporary.  I love the kids' faces in the background.

And just when we were all distracted by the belly shots, we heard a squeal of delight.  Nate had hooked a big one! 

And being the outdoorsy fishermen type that we are (not), everyone fought for the chance to remove the hook.  Actually, everyone told Nate to run down to the boat house and ask for help.  But instead,  number one son--who's nothing if he's not clever like his mother--came up with his own technique.  I missed photographing the part when he dropped the pair of pliers on the head of the poor fish after he stepped on it.  Yes, the fish was released back into the wild, but is probably going to be thrown out of the school because of the head injury.  

Once all the excitement died down, it was back to packing up the stuff to go home again.  Look at the thrilled children.  I don't enjoy the hike up either.


That is why we load everything into shopping baskets and pretend that we are bag ladies--or men.  And then we push, push, push.

Don't just look quickly at the photo below and think no big deal!  Look at where you think the pier ends and notice how it goes straight up.  This girl is not pushing any shopping cart up that hill.  In another month or so when the water rises, it will level out a bit which will make the hike back to the car much better.

And a good time was had by all.