Sunday, January 23, 2011


I am so blessed to have a wonderful teenage daughter.  She is just so much fun to be around and likes so many things that I like:  blogging, photography, writing, reading, thrift shopping, sewing, and laughing.  She recently took photos of my birds so that I could get my Etsy shop up and running.  I think she did a great job! You can purchase the bird pattern here.
tessa with camera

circle of birds

January 2011 079

January 2011 061

January 2011 055
You can get the tutorial for making these gift tags or ornaments or whatever you want to call them here.
January 2011 157

January 2011 155

Sunday, January 09, 2011


I have been putting off officially carving out my little--very little--niche in blogland for two years now.  It's not that I didn't want to.  I thought about it all the time.  I longed to be known for something--anything really.  I had a moment when I thought that I might be almost famous when I gave The Nester one of my birds at Blissdom two years ago, and like a zillion people visited my blog when she featured my staircase.  Okay, so it wasn't a zillion.

blissdom vs - Copy

Well, it was obviously more of a moment for me than it was for her since she thought that my interesting friend Edie had made it for her

edie at yardsale
And I understood completely since I can't even remember what my own children gave me for Christmas this year, and Edie is thoughtful and talented like that.  It is actually quite funny --and providential I might add.

Even before the little slip up by the darling Nester--who way overdid the apology--I had decided that, by golly, I was going to get that Etsy shop opened before the second anniversary of Blissdom. 

And when all those Nester followers started contacting me for the bird pattern, I was ready.  Well almost.  Daughter Kelly and I have taken a crash course over there at Etsy and have been sending out patterns all day over at Will this fly?

will this fly button
You might be wondering about the name.  I believe it was given to me by divine inspiration.  Really.  I come up with a lot of creative ideas, but have never been successful in marketing anything.  So when I started making birds, and everyone kept saying that I could sell them, I wondered, Will this fly?

And I don't know yet.

We have the famous bird pattern for sale, and will be adding some completed birds within the next day or so.

spring bird

And we are taking orders for our custom Bible or book covers.  Thank you Nester for featuring me once again.  I feel almost famous when you do that. 

Bible Cover

Bible Cover

Bible Cover

bible cover

bible cover

Tuesday, January 04, 2011


When I first met Edie, I thought, "Isn't she interesting."

And then I thought, "Isn't that an interesting outfit she is wearing."

And then I thought, "That sure is some interesting make-up she wears."

And then I thought, "Those are some interesting books she is reading."

And then I thought, "That food she's cooking sure looks interesting."

And then I thought, "That is some interesting decorating technique."

And then I thought, "That is an interesting way to look at things."

Interesting is my polite word.  I really thought words like crazy, bizarre, clever, out-there, really out-there.  And the truth of the matter is that I love crazy, bizarre, clever, out-there, and really out-there. And that is why I love Edie.
edie 2
And what I really think is interesting is that Edie is genuinely comfortable in her interestingness. She really is okay with bringing her kids to school in her pajamas and wearing bright blue eye shadow and reading old theology books and hanging a crazy-colored lizard on her wall and giving up a medical practice to be a homemaker and wearing knee socks and cowgirl boots. And because she is so okay with it, you can't help but to not only be okay with it, but to applaud her for it. And you can't help but to be challenged to explore and enjoy your own interestingness--It's as if she has given you permission and is on the sideline cheering you on.

And that is what I love about her.  She always has a good word to say--an encouraging word.  One of the best compliments I ever got was after she visited my home for the first time.  She said and I quote, "You have inspired me, and it takes a lot to inspire me."   I was so excited.  She made me feel interesting or was it crazy or clever or out-there?
Now we may not be able to pull off what Edie can in dress or decorating or make-up--and that is okay.  We can all, however, celebrate what makes each of us interesting.  Edie would like that.

Happy birthday, friend, and thanks for sharing your interestingness. I am blessed to have met you and look forward to learning along with you on the journey of restoration.