Saturday, March 26, 2011

And hold on, hold on, when the current pulls you under . . .

And your heart beats like thunder
Just give me your hand
And hold on, hold on
Until the storm is over
And I'll be fighting for you
Just give me your hand
And hold on
(song lyrics by 33 Miles)
myrtle beach sunrise with bird

There are a lot of lessons to learn at the beach.  A lot to learn about God.  A lot to learn about oneself.
In the quietness of the waves crashing.  In the time spent alone.  Alone.  Alone.
With only the distraction of a yearning heart and a willingness to listen.

How often I go through life without being intentional about listening to that still small voice.

How often I go through life letting the past dictate the future.

myrtle beach path

And feeling so alone in the memories of my journey.

myrtle beach shoe

And needing to be reminded that there is One who sticks closer than a brother.

myrtle beach bird pair

myrtle beach birds

And that it is only in brokenness that one can be made whole.
And that there are no treasures to be found in smooth sand.

myrtle beach shells

The sea served me well this week in ways that I had not imagined but had most definitely prayed for.

And I listened to this song a lot on my early morning walks.

And smiled at those who love unconditionally.

myrtle beach tessa book

myrtle beach kids

myrtle beach jett 6 months

And realized again how important it is to see things through the eyes of a child.
If I didn't look there, I may have missed one of the three photos that captured me at the beach!

myrtle beach nate

The majority of the photos in this post were taken by Tessa.  She is amazing, and I just love her more than words can say!