Sunday, May 15, 2011


In the books I have read about vintage campers, it is suggested that you pick the name before you even start the project. If I had waited until I had the name, the bushes would still be growing out the backside because my guys would have lost interest. Nothing, I mean, nothing came to me for the longest time. And then, there it was. And I knew. After weeks of thinking and praying--yes, that probably sounds ridiculous considering the important things that there are to pray about, but I was desperate--it just was so very apparent. I was at the mall in Bath and Body Works, and saw this:

And standing in that store, I could see it painted on the side.  And I let out a squeal.  And Tessa *got* it right away.  And I was happy, very happy.  And I will try not to get carried away with this post.  It's just that it communicates why I even wanted a vintage camper.  The added plus is that I love the scent and have a gift card to buy it for when I get carried away this summer!


Kolein said...

Ah!!!!!!!! I LOVE it!! It's perfect! I mean, if it was my camper it would be perfect because 'carried away' is something I feel on a daily basis - whatever the reasons...and so it's perfect for you because I know that being carried away or getting carried away or carrying things away is in you - whatever the reasons!!!!!!!! LOL!!!


Mary said...

That is PERFECT!! What a great name!!!! Love it!

Denise said...

K, it's all about me wanting to be carried away to anywhere. :) Believe you me, it won't be too far from home. I'm not that brave!

Kelley said...

WE LOVE THE NAME! Puurrrrfect!

slommler said...

I too love that is perfect!

Justine said...

Now, I'm thinking a cute little trailer might be nicer for company than a little cottage for company on our acreage.

You have inspired me. But Ray would HATE the job!! lol Got Cassidy, though, and he will do anything! :o)

Kellie said...

Perfect! Leave it to Bath& Body Works for inspiration! Love their Fresh Cut Lemon for the kitchen!!!

Corn in my Coffee-Pot said...

I've been away taking care of "LIFE HAPPENINGS" so I'm just catching up on your Camper progress.

So first let me say-- THERE ARE BOOKS? i must go and check this out.
Do you recommend any in particular? a favorite perhaps?

And secondly... a name? I've had mine picked out since we brought it home.Honey and I decided together after seeing it. But wasn't sure if people named them or if that was just for Christening Boats! LOL...

I'll have to do a post about our name of choice.

you've left me inspired! Pat