Sunday, May 15, 2011


Wow! I'm even impressing myself with all these posts in one day. It makes it look like we've been really busy on that camper this weekend! The truth is that son Michael has been at the Police Academy for the last two months, so he has only been able to work on it on weekends. He has been very generous with his off time considering that he now has so little of it!

I was kind of running out of money for this project--actually, I never really had any money for this project.  The guys had been using this and that from around the shop.  Well, this and that ran out last week, so I had to get a bit creative.  I cashed in a handful of gold jewelry--the majority of which was found in apartments that hubby had cleaned out.  There were a few pieces that I no longer wore or cared about.  The value of gold is high right now, so I was able to get about $500.  Son Michael is happy to now have a bit of a budget.
The table and benches went in this weekend.
Michael made a track for the piece that is needed to make the table area into a bed.  Clever, he is!  And the storage area under the bed is enormous.  It can be accessed from the outside also!
And, of course, he hinged the bench seats for additional storage.
The window frames are going to the sandblaster's tomorrow.  What's next?  Glad you asked!
  • Flooring - found in the warehouse (no cost)
  • Old tin backsplash - bought at an auction a while back (no cost)
  • Install cabinet doors (need to buy hardware)
  • Hook up sink and stove (had sink, stove came with camper)
  • Run gas lines
  • Caulk and paint
  • Buy new tires and hubcaps (no bargain)
  • Upholster cushions (foam will cost, fabric have)
  • Make curtains (have several ways I could go with what I have)
  • Design outside lettering and choose colors (hopefully Tessa is on this one)
  • Sell my first born to pay for exterior painting? Just kidding.
  • Accessorize and stock the thing all cute like
I am sure that there are other things that the guys are planning on doing that I have no clue about like brake lights and such.   Once school is out at the end of the week, I will get to help a bit more with it.


Kelley said...

Hot Lips and I anticipate these posts with glee! We own a 2006 24-foot Dutchman travel trailer. We're missionaries over in the Pacific Ocean, but we spent the past 18 months traveling in North America raising funds to return overseas. We love (!!!!!!!!!) our RV, and when we're home, IT'S home!

Was wondering... Our dinette table lies down between our two benches, wide enough to rest on a lip of each bench, so there's no need for the extra support. If your dinette table was wider, it could too. Our cushions also lie down over the whole unit to form the bed mattress.

We can't wait to see the rest of the progress as it, uh, progresses!

Denise said...

Kelley, I expected the table to fit there as well. My son did that design to begin with, and it was just too cramped to get in there. He had to redo it as it is now. He had the original table, but my husband had ripped out the benches before he had a good look at them. On further investigation, he found the size to be what is in there now. It may be that this camper is just a wee bit too cozy for that design to work.

slommler said...

What a fun project!! And it is looking great!
Can't wait to see it all finished!

martinealison said...

Beau travail en cours... Bisous

lesabee said...

Wow, Denise! This thing is coming along nicely! And the name is perfect. Can't wait to see what you do. If you ever need some help, I'm handy with a paint brush.

Funky Junk Interiors said...

Oh my gosh... I just scanned all the photos on this project and snickered at that one with the 'hay?' growing out of the back window. I'm totally floored how far it's come! That boy of yours has magic in his hands.

Carried Away is PERFECT!