Monday, September 30, 2013


An overview of all 31 days can be found here.

When I originally named my 31-days series and spent way too much time on attempting to make a button that would inspire people to actually read what I had to write about, I thought I “had” it.  And then I visited the mountaintop this weekend and saw the glory of our God, and my story changed a wee bit. 

Instead of writing about living small and why 31 items made the cut—you know you can’t bring everything you want into a space the size of a garage—I realized that what I needed to write about is 31 reasons I smile while at the Little Cabin on the Trail. 

This weekend I had the best day since the accident last summer that claimed the lives of my grandson, Nate, and his friend, Noah.  This weekend I breathed differently and something happened deep inside that confirmed God’s hand in the purchase of our little cabin.  I thought it was in His plan; I hoped it was in His plan.  Now I know that I know that it was in His plan. 

And on September 28, 2013—day 452—I still cried because I missed Nate; but my heart sung a song for the first time. 

And that song was the song of a life still longing to be lived and of memories still longing to be made.
You can read the story of the Little Cabin on the Trail here.
Day 1:  The transformation makes me smile. 
Two pictures are worth a thousand words.
Is there a transformation that you could share that you are extremely pleased with?  I know the vision, work, and sheer determination that it takes to see a project like this through.  Sometimes the true transformation is not necessarily visible because it is a work that takes place in your heart along the way. 

I sure hope you will come back and visit.  We will look closely at the things at the cabin that truly make my heart skip a beat, and I hope it will challenge you to take a look around your life to notice the same. 

An overview of all 31 days can be found here.
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Kolein said...

Love your post. Love your cabin. Love that God is at the center of everything you do and say....every beat of your heart.

I will read everyday of these 31 days. And I will text you in a minute that I'm fretting over the button still and feeling like the girl who doesn't have the "right" outfit for the ball and I've only read one other 31 dayer. Ugh. Timing may be off for me at this juncture. Maybe not. I've written many posts already. We shall see. Perhaps I'll show up late. There'll still be punch, won't there?


martinealison said...


Je suis admirative devant les photos de transformation de cette adorable petite cabane.

Une très jolie publication.
Gros bisous à vous

{edie} said...

It's so perfect. Love the little cabin, Denise, but more than that LOVE that you are writing.
Lots of love and prayer,

Melita said...

So happy to find that you are writing again! And, that cabin!!! That cabin definitely makes me smile to look at it! It's so hard to believe that the fabulous "after" picture could ever have looked like that "before" one! Your vision for the cabin was awesome! May you have many, many years of memory-making here!

Melita said...

And, I just noticed my overuse of the "!" in my comment. Sorry! That's just how excited I am about your lovely cabin.

Anonymous said...

Denise, so happy to read 'you' in your writing. So happy to see you writing again. I missed it. I love your sweet cabin and I knw God will minster to you there, as you will be a breathe of fresh air to those that travel past you on the trail. God bless, Dear Friend. Justine )))hugs((((

themissymom said...

I was here :-)