Saturday, October 19, 2013


I didn't have time to write yesterday for today because I was too busy with Tessa's 17th birthday celebration, and this morning I have to show my mad cooking skills at breakfast for a bunch of girls, so I will have to be brief.  That's right, I don't have any mad cooking skills.  They will get pancakes.  Anyway, I am going to write whatever pops in my head in the next few minutes.  You really thought I did that every day, didn't you?
I agonized over my floor choices.  Well, actually I agonized because I did not  have many floor choices.  The cabin is really a cinderblock building on a concrete slab that was once a shed of some sort.  It has been made to look like a cabin with the addition of faux logs.  There you have it:  my secret is out.  I live in a faux cabin on the trail.  But the walls do not shake when people shoot guns nearby or it thunders real loud.
The floors are a mess of not smoothly poured concrete.  Wall-to-wall carpeting was out because--do I really have to give a reason?  No, I do not.  Tile or wood could not be laid because of the extreme unevenness, so I just painted them the color of dirt.  That has been a great choice so far. 
I knew that I wanted some area rugs to act as floor doilies; you know, just to anchor areas and to make things feel a bit more cozy.  Also, Jett likes to sit on the floor to play with his antiques.
And then I found them.  And I instantly knew.  There was no long drawn-out debate.  Sold.  It was the day I re-applied for a TJ Maxx card--for the ten-percent discount.  I will cancel it soon.   I promise, Dave.


And then I picked up a few more rag rugs from Ollie's.  And I was happy, happy, happy.

Day 19:  The colorful rugs make me smile.

An overview of all 31 days can be found here.

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themissymom said...

Rag rugs are the best.

Deb said...

They look perfect!

Kolein said...

LOVE the colors underfoot! Excellent choice.

So, you re-apply for these cards? Gotcha. Clever.