Thursday, October 10, 2013


Recently, the two lovelies below stopped by our very first campfire at the cabin on their way down the mountain.  They were a bit chilly, and the fire was a bit inviting.  My brother, who makes his living being hospitable, invited them to sit a spell. 
They welcomed a chance to take a break at the 11-mile mark which I can totally understand.  I don't care if I ever leave the 11-mile mark.  *smile*


The two are from Charlotte and just went on and on about how their stop at the cabin was the highlight of their Creeper Trail experience. I decided then and there that they were my kind of people and invited them inside for a tour and a few stories--if you know what I mean.
They have no idea how they made my day when upon entering, one said something like--sorry, I was too excited to write down the "exact" quote--"Oh, my goodness!  This is so adorable!  It looks just like something out of ANTHROPOLOGIE!"  The overuse of exclamation points gets on my nerves; but just this once, if I could allow myself to overuse them, I would have put several after each comment they made.  They were that excited about the Little Cabin's makeover. 
Did she say ANTHROPOLOGIE?  Be still my heart.  That was probably the best compliment I ever received.  It was probably a little bit of a stretch, but I will never forget it.  No, not ever.
I only own a few things from Anthropologie because--well, you know why: No matter how hard I try, I cannot justify spending my entire grocery budget on a dish towel--at least not very often. 
The few things I do own are obviously really special to me.  When I wear my it-was-worth-the-investment-because-I-will-wear-it-FOREVER coat, I make sure I let everyone know that I bought it at Anthropologie.  Unfortunately, that does not mean much to folks in my neck of the woods.
The measuring spoons below were given to me by daughter Kelly, and there was no way they were going to live in a drawer with common silverware.  No way.


Day 10:  The spoons from Anthropologie make me smile.

An overview of all 31 days can be found here.

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themissymom said...

This one is funny!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(I added the punctuation for you)

Randomly Thoughtful said...

Love this! Well, love all of them! And love you. I REALLY love the Little Cabin on the Trail and can't wait for the opportunity to visit

Deanna Lynam said...

Very cute post and I love your spoons too!! Sorry, I absolutely love exclamation points!!
And....(dots too!) someday would love to come up to see your cabin!! :-)

Kolein said...

I agree with Mrs. Lyman up there.......!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!..................!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Are you still my friend?


You made me roar laughing with this post. I can just picture you, "See my coat? I got it from Anthropologie! We had nothing to eat that month! Oh well, don't I look fabulous?!"

And those spoons...I've been eyeing them for some time wondering who I could buy them for. I LOVE how you have them displayed.

I agree, an Anthro comparison goes a long waaaay!


Anonymous said...

I love the display of the spoons