Wednesday, October 16, 2013


Most of what hangs on the wall at the cabin has a story attached to it which probably is not a surprise.  I had the pleasure of giving a cabin tour on Monday to a friend who was riding the trail with her family.  She has not been following my blog series, so I was very excited when she told me that she wanted to know the story behind some of the artwork.  
The painting below was done by my grandfather the year I was born.  I did not know him.  He and my grandmother lived in another state and divorced when I was young.  He was an alcoholic who made some poor choices--like not getting to know his grandchildren.  
It is sad that I do not have any relational memories to attach to this painting, but it serves as a reminder that I have made very different choices.  I know my grandchildren very well. 
My daughter's friend, Izzy, painted this bird for me when I lost the bid on one that she painted for the school's auction last year.  It is such a happy addition to the kids' bunk room.
Several years ago, we tried our hand at spin art at daughter Tessa's birthday party--using a salad spinner and circles cut from manila folders.  The salad spinner was never quite the same.  Each year when this banner goes up, I remember the fun the girls had doing this project.  
Perhaps my favorite artwork at the cabin are these watercolor birds that Tessa did in fourth grade.  There were only three girls in the class, so the teacher was able to do some very special things with them.  She provided the watercolor pencils, paper, and inspiration.  I have a collection of them, but have chosen my three favorite for the cabin.
I believe that God has made us all with the desire to create.  After all, we are created in His image, and He is the Creator.  For me the creative process is better than any therapy. 

I made it my mission in life to provide my children with an environment that encouraged each of their creative bents, and then I made sure that they had large chunks of uninterrupted time for their imaginations to fully blossom.  This is when homeschooling served us very well.
I also tried to provide the very best tools I could afford so that their creativity would not be hindered by frustration.  I bought high quality instruments, dance shoes, carpentry tools, sewing supplies, art supplies, etc.   It is frustrating to sew on a machine that keeps dropping stitches.  It is frustrating to paint with watercolors on regular paper.  It is frustrating to dance in shoes that hurt your feet.
Although we have not had the down time at the cabin to actually create since we are still working on *creating* the space, I am stocking it with supplies and books that will inspire nature journaling, bookmaking, and handcrafts. 
One thing I would not be without are our Lyra Ferby pencils.  This may sound like a commercial, but I don't care since they are by far the best art supply I have ever purchased.  I discovered them when Tessa was a toddler and have been promoting them ever since!  I should sell them.  *grin* 
The day I discovered Ferby pencils is the day that I threw away crayons, and I have never regretted that decision.  Look closely in the photo and you will see just how great our attachment is to these pencils.  Even when they are an inch in length, we will not part with them.  No, we buy the extenders which you can see in the teapot.

The colors are rich and go on smoothly, and they never break when sharpening.  Yes, they are a bit more expensive, but they are worth every penny!  Wow, I think the title of today's post should have been Ferby pencils make me smile

I would encourage you to incorporate your children's artwork in your decorating.  Get it framed and display it proudly.  It will bring a smile to your face.
Day 16:  Original art makes me smile.

An overview of all 31 days can be found here.

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themissymom said...

Now I have to try Ferby pencils.

Anonymous said...

We've been buying Ferbies since we tayrd with Denise ht month in February 2006? Cost a lot, but love them!


Lesa Baker said...

Aw, Denise! I can't believe I'm just now reading this post. What an honor to Izzy that you'd mention her painting. I sat with some her while she created it for you, and she joyfully sketched and erased, sketched and erased. She was thrilled to do it for you and wanted it to be perfect, and we're so delighted you love it enough to hang at the cabin.
Love this post--love the poster more! :)