Friday, October 18, 2013


I have been in a lot of Goodwill stores over the last 37 38 39 years--wow, I am more qualified than I thought to write a review on our local store.  Awesome.  I think I just found my niche.  I should be a secret shopper at Goodwill.   
I am also a very honest person who would never exaggerate even to make a blog post more interesting.  I don't need to.  My life is just that interesting. 
Anyway, the Goodwill in our town is by far the nastiest, most disorganized, uninviting thrift store I have ever been in.  You may wonder why I still go there.  Sometimes I do, too.  
I go there because it is the only Goodwill around, and going to Goodwill is like an addiction to me.  I started thrift shopping in my teens, long before it was the trendy thing to do; and the thrill of the hunt beckons me like nothing else. 
And believe it or not, I have found some great things amidst the garbage.   

A few months ago, I saw the chair below in the back of the store.  It stood out to me because it was so clean.  There was not a spot on it, and it did not smell like smoke or something worse.  I should have bought it that day, but I was holding out for the possibility of a half-price sale on furniture the next day. 


I meant to go back the next day to check, but I got busy.  On the following day, I was quite surprised to see "my" chair still there and decided that I would pay the whooping $30 for it.  *grin*
About that time, two ladies showed up and started looking over my chair.  They lifted the cushion and started talking about how they could do this and that with it.  I could not believe it.  I knew that if I told them that I had already made the decision to buy the chair, I would risk losing it.  You know, two against one.
So I planned my strategy and scurried up to the front of the store to pay for the chair first.  The line was extremely long because it was buy-any-item-of-clothing-for-$1 day.  And everyone and her brother were there stocking up.  The whole time I was in line, I kept looking over my shoulder to see if they were coming carrying the chair. 
And then I heard that the manager was wanted in furniture.
It seems silly now--because obviously, you know that I got the chair--but I was feeling sick inside.  That was my chair, and I was willing to get ugly if I had to--well, that was until I felt a little conviction come upon me.  It was a chair for goodness sake.   So I began to mentally release the chair.  If it was not meant to be, it was not meant to be.  Maybe it had bedbugs or something.
When I got to the register, I calmly told the lady that I intended to pay for a chair that was in the back.  I was honest and told her that two ladies were back there oohing and aahing over my chair it, but I had been there first and just couldn't carry it to the register. 
The cashier called the manager at that point, and he told us that the ladies in the back wanted him to sell it to them for half price.  I told him that I was prepared to pay the full price.  The people in the line suddenly became my cheerleaders.  They wanted me to have the chair.  
"Hey, first-come, first-served."  "She has the money.  Give her the chair." 
The manager, probably fearing a revolt or something, instructed the cashier to take my $30.  Then the cashier told me that she was busy so I would have to take a sold sign and put it on my chair.  Let me just tell you that that was not going to happen. 
Sometimes after I make a furniture purchase, I have regrets; but not with this chair.  It is so comfy and perfect for the space.  I guess I do regret buying it out from under the two ladies--but only a little. 

I know you have seen this photo before, but I have to mention the turquoise table if I am talking about thrift store finds.

Tessa and I were on our way to the cabin with not an inch in the car to spare when we decided to stop at a thrift store in Abingdon.  I had seriously been praying about a table, but was not really expecting to find one at this place. 

I don't know why I did not expect to find a piece of furniture when my car was completely jammed packed and Michael was already at the cabin with the truck.  Unlike our Goodwill, this store was immaculate. It is run by a local church, and the proceeds go to help the needy.  The guys working that day were extremely friendly and wanted to know what I was looking for.  I told them that I needed a table.

They had literally just unloaded this one off of a truck, and it was setting in the parking lot behind the store.  They took me through their backroom which was filled with all manner of treasure to the loading dock to see it.  I could not believe it.  I had no idea what I was looking for until I saw it.  Perfect.  It is very heavy, and the leaves fold down on the sides to make a charming table for two.  They made up a price on the spot.  It was $40.  I did not haggle.

I can honestly say that every single thing that I have wanted for the cabin, God has provided.  I prayed for a table, and there it was.  I prayed for a white twin duvet cover; and in my junky Goodwill, I found one along with a full-sized Battenberg lace duvet cover with matching shams.  I think I paid under $10 for all of them.

I wanted another crocheted afghan for the kids' bunk room, and this weekend I found one at a yard sale for $7.

I can't explain it.  If you are willing to wait and willing to hunt and willing to offer up a prayer, there are treasures out there to be had.

By the way, the little typing table and the coffee table were also thrift store finds.  The incredible bird pillow which is stuffed full with real feathers was not such a deal.  It came from TJ Maxx.  Every now and then I do splurge.

Day 18:  Thrift store finds make me smile.
An overview of all 31 days can be found here.

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Deanna said...

I love all your thrift store finds, each one unique. You will have to come down to Florida again and visit our string of sweet thrift stores. It's amazing what people give/throw away...they become treasures for others! I have enjoyed seeing what makes you smile, keep up the good work. :-)

Debbie G said...

Many years ago you were the friend who introduced me to shopping at GW Boutique. We have a fabulous new one up on Hwy 19 now..... so if you're ever back this way let me know and we'll see what treasures we can find. And with there being two of us, I can sit on the chair(or whatever) while you go pay.

Denise Voccola said...

I better bring a truck, Debbie! That is hilarious!

themissymom said...

The employees at our local Salvation Army stores know me by first name. It is where so many of my costumes come from.
We don't have a Goodwill in our immediate area. I wish we did.

Kolein said...

Thrift stores are my favorite. Forever. And always.

We have some good ones here. (Well, not here, cuz I'm in VA as I'm typing this, but further north where I reside.)

I do the same thing...with particular items I need. I think they actually find me first. They call to me in inspiration and then I jump in the car and I'm "taken" there to pick them up.

Anonymous said...

If you made atrip to CT. It would be so worth visiting the Red,White and Blue store. I have not been back to a Goodwill since. After finding items I come home and look the up on the Internet and sure enough they are worth me opening up an eBay account and selling. If I had half the space for it I would retire as an eBay seller. I will post pics of some finds I have gotten. I love this post!!!
Tina Pirozzoli