Thursday, October 24, 2013


I just love when there is a challenge and my brain does its crazy thing and finds a solution that does not cost a single cent.  And this time I was able to shop my own shed instead of rooting through my husband's stuff. 
The screen below hides the awesome electrical panel.  You didn't know that, did you?  I was able to screw together an old window that I got from my mother's house, an old cabinet door that was previously painted to be used as part of a headboard in Tessa's room when she was younger which also came from my mother's house, and a shutter that may have come from the bathroom in the house we currently live in. 
Please ignore the fact that the counters are still painted plywood and concentrate on the clever screen, okay?

The very neatest part of this project is that the hinges were already on the pieces--like they were just waiting to be hooked up together.  They make a lovely threesome. 
I added an antique hook thing that was found in a closet of the house we live in now for the towel holder.  And as much as I love that Penzey's Spice towel, as soon as I walk through the door tomorrow, my new Anthropologie towel from my niece is getting placed there!
Day 24:  The clever screen makes me smile.
An overview of all 31 days can be found here.

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Kolein said...

What I got out of this post?

You have your own shed.

Now, that's on my list.

You are clever.


themissymom said...

Clever, clever, clever.

Anonymous said...

Just wondering if that knick-knack shelf is average or over sized?
Tina Pirozzoli