Saturday, October 26, 2013


I have to say that between the light fixtures and the recessed lighting, this cabin practically glows!  Seriously, you could perform surgery in any room! 
The chandelier below was taken out of my mother's house.  You probably think I just went around taking things while she was sleeping, but I assure you that she gave me every single thing because she knew that I was into old things caked with nicotine and dirt.  She was actually quite happy when Michael installed a brand spanking new fixture from Lowe's so she didn't have to clean this one--not that she would have ever gotten to it.  Bless her heart. 
Every now and then I actually splurge on something--like the chippy awning.  I just had to have this Ikea light fixture.  I just had to.  So I coughed up the $40ish for it.  It seemed like a lot for me at the time, but after that awning, I think it was a bargain.  I might just go and buy another.
I think the addition of the antique buttons--that I got from my mother, go figure--make it.  Ikea just put little felt circles on there.  That was boring.
I have been moving this Ball jar lamp--from my mother--around for several years.  Maybe a decade.  I finally made a shade for it, using a form from Hobby Lobby--you thought I was going to say my mother, didn't you?  *grin*
I applied the burlap to the sticky shade and then hot glued on the trim and the paper flower which Kelly made to decorate her packages one year at Christmas.  I just noticed that the trim is from one of those dust ruffles that I cut up.  That light stays on all night to keep me from killing myself when I get up to check on Jett or attend to other matters.
You have probably seen this light fixture before, but I include it here because I want to say again that I made this about 20 years ago--you know, pre-Pinterest.  It just kills me how easy ideas are to come by these days.  Back then, I tell you, it was like mining for gold. 
I will tell you that if you try this project, remember to poke some holes in the lids for the heat to escape.  You probably know why I am able to share that tidbit of information with you.  Yep, those light bulbs will explode and scare you to death! 
And finally, this pole lamp has been around for years.  I have no idea where I got it.  Let's just say from my mom's for the fun of it.  It has been out in the shed for a while because the wiring was messed up.  Son Michael fixed it, and I added the $5 shade from Dollar General--the only store in the town.  I would never have looked there for a lamp shade, but am very happy with it.

I love rooms filled with light.  Yes, natural is best, but when there is a window shortage, I hit the switch.  
Day 26:  The lighting makes me smile.

An overview of all 31 days can be found here.

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Kolein said...

This post was such a joy to read. Every word made me smile tonight! Thank you!

You are a light.


themissymom said...

Haha, I also giggled while I read this post, too!
Pre-Pinterest, that really got me. It is so true. But what really makes me laugh is when I see so many "new and trendy" things that are far from new and trendy. Just modern materials and nice digital cameras to share the excitement!