Sunday, October 27, 2013


This will probably seem like the silliest thing to smile about, but I am so very serious.  I absolutely LOVE my kitchen gadgets, spices, and favorite food products.
There are not very many things that I feel strongly enough about to promote.  One, you already know is Ferby pencils and now you know another:  Trader Joe's just about anything.
The reason it makes me smile to have Trader Joe stuff at the cabin is the same reason I smile when I open the cabinet and find Pampered Chef products.  Both make cooking, which I don't love, more enjoyable.   Okay, I just noticed that Penzeys Spices are front and center in the peach box.  I love them as well.  So now, counting the Pampered Chef opinion that snuck in, you have four endorsements. 

What it really comes down to is that having a well-stocked and well-equipped kitchen makes me smile.  It is not quite there yet, but the cabin kitchen is very close to having everything I need to cook for my family just like at home.
And I should mention that I had a Pampered Chef party for the sole purpose of getting the things that I didn't want to live without at the cabin.  Many friends ordered for themselves and also purchased an item for the cabin.  It was a most thoughtful thing to do.   
Day 27:  The well-stocked kitchen makes me smile.

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Deb said...

Totally with you on this...

themissymom said...

I understand completely!