Tuesday, October 29, 2013


In April I was blessed to visit a friend's cabin in the very remote mountains of West Virginia and was smitten to say the least with the charm of her home away from home.  I could easily keep this theme going with 3100 things that made me smile at Becca's cabin, but I would have to go back with my camera--which is actually not a bad idea.  *smile*
One of the first things I noticed--besides the unbelievable copper tub and the antique chandeliers and the fireplace and the numerous candid photographs--was the number of hooks that adorned the walls.  They were EVERYWHERE!  And I filed that information away for the day that I would get to decorate my little cabin.  I knew that we would not waste valuable space for closets, so hooks here, there, and everywhere made perfect sense. 
Once again, Hobby Lobby was my friend.  I am sure that I have over 20 hooks up already to hang towels, coats, Enos, walking sticks, dog leashes, and all manner of stuff that would be piled somewhere to annoy me.  
I am hooked on hooks!
I took a lot more away from that trip to WV with my friend than the usefulness of hooks.  Fifteen months ago, she laced up her boots and committed to the difficult climb up the mountain of grief with me, praying me along and sometimes dragging me with all of her strength when I had none to offer.  We faced many dark days together, and I do not believe that I would have ever been able to even catch a glimpse of the mountaintop  without her friendship and her counsel. 
Visiting her special place convinced me that there truly is healing in the mountains.  God met me there with a word of hope.  For that I will ever be grateful; and every time I hang something up, I will thank God for Becca's friendship and her love.
Day 29:  The many hooks make me smile.
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Kolein said...

Looked up the actual definition of 'hook' after reading your post...here are some of the words defining its meaning:

- for catching hold
- a cradle on which something rests
- a chorus or repeated instrumental passage that gives a piece of music its immediate appeal making it easy to remember
- a curved cutting instrument
- a short swinging punch
- a curved stroke in handwriting as made in learning to write

All of these usages of hook apply to a true friendship...not unlike hanging your coat on one and staying a while. (so grateful for Becca in your life!)


Denise Voccola said...

Oh, Kolein, you bless my heart. That is southern for I love you! :)

themissymom said...

Everyone should have a Becca in their lives.