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I have been following the Tiny House Blog and Tiny House Talk for a few years now.  My obsession with small living spaces got me thinking about the possibility of downsizing a lot.  I love an adventure and think that I could actually do it--hey, wait a minute--I did do it.  I almost forgot.  You can read about it here and here.

I am a collector by nature because I am a shopper and treasure hunter by nature.  I love most of my stuff and the comfort it brings me, but I admit that stuff can be a huge distraction.  While taking care of it, rearranging it, organizing it, and even looking for it, I oftentimes miss stuff--more important stuff.   

When we bought the cabin, I knew that I wanted to be surrounded by things that were important to me and that had a story attached to them.  I am all about the story.  If you stop by for a cabin tour--which a lot of people do--you better be prepared for it.  I will tell you a few stories.  It's the cost of the tour. 

The Little Cabin on the Trail is located on the Creeper Trail, a 34-mile bike trail from Whitetop Mountain to Abingdon, Virginia.  People have told me that there is not another home situated right smack on the trail. Of course, I have not ridden the entire trail and have no plans to do so, so I will just have to take their word for it.  The trail is to the left in the photo below.  It is pretty close.
At about the 11-mile mark, folks are ready to take a break; I know that when I rode the trail last year, I was ready for more than a break at the 11-mile mark.  And there she sits all inviting-looking with her sign--which makes everyone smile.   See, these folks from Charlotte are smiling.
Day 2:  The name makes me smile.  The sign makes me smile.

Names cannot be taken lightly.  You don't just name your child the first thing that pops in your head--well, some people do.  Probably the parents who named their children Sesame and Tigerlily did.  Those are real names; I kid you not.  Just Google weird baby names of 2012 and you will see.  
Anyhow, if you are like most "normal" people, you spend some time contemplating baby names and pet names, so expect the naming of your home to be a process.  When the name fits, you just know it.  As soon as I just "knew it," I worked on the design.  I had it printed at a local sign shop for about $60, and it was worth every penny!  
It only took me an entire afternoon at our local pottery studio to paint the plaque that hangs by the front door.  That may or may not have been worth the time, effort, and cost.  It does make me smile though.
Something happens when you name your dwelling place.  Once you do it, she begins to develop her own personality, and you begin to connect to her in a different way.  
Little Cabin on the Trail
where memories are made, and hearts are healed

Have you considered naming your home--even if it is a rental or an apartment?  Once you do, it will make you smile.

An overview of all 31 days can be found here.

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Kolein said...

Your signs make me happy too. I believe you to be a great risk taker living in the only cabin on the trail. Most unexpected visitors when we are "living outdoors" are of the furry persuasion. Yours will be people. hehe!

Certain that everyone who stops by will be treated with hospitality-on-high....now I understand the bathroom being outside the cabin!

See, day 2, toldya I'd be reading!


Denise said...

We do have indoor plumbing. The outhouse so far is just a conversation piece! :) Thanks for being my constant. You make me smile and be watching for a piece of you on day 3!

themissymom said...

Having spent more than 2 years in a motor home while traveling with my family, I loved the camp sites/campers that people named. We saw a lot of them. It always intrigued me and made me curious about the back story....the events leading up to the name, the people that did it....I enjoy a great back story.