Wednesday, October 02, 2013


I recently heard it said that if everything is special, then nothing is special.  That makes sense to me.  Well, maybe.
Since I couldn't fit everything into the cabin, I only brought the special things.  So does that mean that since everything at the cabin is special, then nothing is.  Surely not. 
When I look around the cabin, I see things that remind me of the people who have been there for me--especially this last year.  Their little gifts of love represent compassion, support, friendship, and a whole host of things that just make me smile--and sometimes cry. 
So many people are represented by the trinkets and treasures that made the cut, and I could tell you a story about each and every one of them.   And I just might if you drop by the cabin for a visit.
Why wait?  You can read about a blogging buddy from New York and that mug with the birdcage on it right here.


gifts collage

Thank you, Emily, Kolein, Marie, Mary, Jen, Mary Sue, and Dena for the thoughtful gifts shown above.  If you have given me a "happy" and don't see it here, don't worry.  I have 28 more days to go. 
Look around your home and notice some of your gifts from friends.  It may have been a while since you thought about them or the circumstances surrounding the giftings.  You will most likely have a reason to smile today.  I hope so.

An overview of all 31 days can be found here.

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Anonymous said...

I like this post. I can relate very well to it. Momentos are piece of the moment you wish to treasure. And the story behind it that is 'told' gives it it's lasting value.
Tina Pirozzoli

Kolein said...

Tis a gift to be simple

'tis a gift to be simple, 'tis a gift to be fair
'tis a gift to wake and breathe the morning air
and each day we walk on the path that we choose
'tis a gift we pray we never shall lose

You are a gift. Love you.


Anonymous said...

Before you even posted this I had a little heart sake to send to you. It goes back fifteen years. See if you can guess before it arrives. I have been going to send I for fifteen years, but now I know you have a home for wee memories, and this WILL make the cut (lol) I shall send it. ;)

themissymom said...

Once upon a time you had a soda bottle box in your bathroom. I loved it and the memory of it has inspired several little decorating ideas.
I also still think of you when I see more than one snowman together in a collection. Collecting snowmen in FL, so silly.