Thursday, October 03, 2013


The nearest town to the Little Cabin on the Trail has a population of 815.  I suppose the Little Cabin on the Trail is actually located in the town with the population of 815.  I have only met a handful of the locals, and most of them were of the Duck Dynasty variety.   You know with long beards and rifles and stuff like that. 
One local, Crazy Larry, (No, I did not name him that. It says it on his sign.)  runs a little store--well, actually it is like a permanent yard sale in front of his "hostel."  I really wanted to include a picture, but I forgot to stop and take one.  Anyway, I have no idea where he gets the stuff he sells, but he seems to have an endless source. 
There were only a few items on my really-hope-I-will-be-able-to-find-cheap-for-the-cabin list.  For most of the furniture, including the kitchen cabinets and wall unit, I was able to shop the house or my husband's warehouse where he stores all sorts of interesting things.  Maybe he is Crazy Larry's source.  Never thought about that.
One item that I wanted was a glider for the screened-in porch; and lo and behold, on the way in to the cabin one day, I noticed that Crazy Larry had one out in front of his house hostel.  I flipped my car around in an effort to beat any other would be glider buyers, and asked Crazy Larry how much he wanted for it. 
I was expecting him to say $150 or $200.  I know what they go for.  I hang out on Ebay and Craig's List.  When he said $75, I handed him the money.  I am an idiot.  Everybody knows that you are supposed to haggle with people like Crazy Larry. 
After I paid him, I told him that I would not be able to get the glider until the next day and that he better not sell it to somebody else.  To which he replied, "Weeeeell, if I do, I'll just give you your money back."  To which I replied, "No, you will not because you will not sell it again to somebody else."  Like I said before, I am an idiot.
I worried all night that Crazy Larry would sell my glider, and I would be out $75 when I should have only been out $50 if I had only haggled.  My dear husband drove two hours up to the cabin the next morning to pick up the glider. 
Every time I look at that glider I bust out laughing.  It is so comfortable, and one day I am going to sleep out there on that porch--probably when I learn how to shoot a gun better.
I don't even care about the money any more because Crazy Larry probably really needed it.  That's what I tell myself anyway.
DAY 4:  The glider makes me smile. 


I told you that I am all about the story.  Any Crazy Larry stories in your life?

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Kolein said...

Not only can I picture Crazy Larry, but I was talking like him while I was reading this. Who's crazy now?

I am! *twirling

And so are YOU! But I knew that waaaay before you bought the glider! *twirling again

This post not only made me smile, it made me "down right happy!"


Anonymous said...

That's funny. Iwaa thinking Crazy Larry met his crazy match!
Lol, Tina Pirozzoli

Anonymous said...

What makes this a glider? Our gliders are rocking chairs that glide. Love the look! You have inspired me with my adobe on wheels! Going to do some homeschool winter getaways with books, hot chocolate and snow! :)

J <3

themissymom said...

I want the glider.