Tuesday, November 19, 2013


Every year around Christmas, my Etsy shop gets pretty busy selling the pattern for my almost famous little birds.  One thing you can do to personalize the bird is to add your logo or other graphics. 
logo bird 3
This tutorial was originally posted in 2010.  I have made a few updates.

 1. Buy this product or something similar.
It can be found at Walmart.
fabric transfer
2. Save your logo image as a picture.
This can be done by right clicking on the image.
You can also just do a page of
my site
I use Publisher.  I love Publisher.

3. Paste the image into a program to resize and flip it.

Or you can create a sheet of words that you would like to use.

words for fabric

It is very important that you flip the photo or your words will come out backwards. 
I have done that a few too many times.
4. Print the design onto the fancy transfer paper.
I do it in photo quality.
5. Iron the design onto fabric.
Because I love you, I will share two tips at no extra charge.  You're welcome.
Trim your design before ironing.  (see photo below)
If you don't, you will get an ugly yellow border around it.  You decide.
You probably don't need to iron it for as long as it says.
I think it says three minutes, but I can't find the directions right this very second.
You should lift the corner to check it after a minute or so.
6. If you want to make a bird, go here and follow the directions.
If you want a pattern with detailed directions, visit my Etsy shop.
7. Make one for yourself and one or two or three to give away.
That will make you feel really good.

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Kolein said...

Love this! Thanks! Always wondered how you did that!!!