Saturday, November 02, 2013


I have been so busy creating a new space at the cabin and keeping up with my 31 days of smiles that I have neglected my primary residence big time.  I have overlooked all kinds of things that would normally drive me crazy.  I also am feeling a bit of a disconnect with my space for a number of reasons. 
When we first bought the house we currently live in, the size alone was overwhelming.  We traded a cozy 1000 square feet for a spacious 4500 square feet that had been used to house a private school.


boxmoor 001

house 11-13
We traded five rooms and a bath in the country for twelve rooms and four or five bathrooms in the historic district of the city.  The Boxmoor needed a total renovation on a 1000-square-foot budget!  We had very little furniture, and what we did have did not fit such a formal house with a prestigious reputation.
Thinking back, I let the budget (first) and the expectations of others (second) drive a lot of the decorating decisions.  In hindsight, I would have done things a bit differently.  But it has been almost ten years since we began the project, so it is not unreasonable to start changing things up a bit.  And along the way, we split the house in half to accommodate Kelly and her family, so now I only have six rooms and two baths to deal with. 
And while I like some of the rooms, the smile project made me realize that I don't love some of them or the things in them.  I am going to be cleaning out room by room and uncomplifying as the Nester says.
So every single item will be held up to smile scrutiny.  It will either make the cut or be given away--which will make me smile.  The only exceptions made will be for things that hold extreme sentimental value or a connection to a story worth telling.  And there is the practical matter of not being able to replace all the functional pieces. 

Today I gave away a silk arrangement and a table runner.  I threw away several plants--which really bothered me, but I did not know anyone who would want them.  I removed a table from the dining area (center photo below) to free up some space, and displays were rearranged and culled.  
That huge spider plant in the center photo has lived on the coffee table for years.  It was traded out for a less bulky-looking plant in that beautiful pot that I got--I can't believe I am going to say this again--from my mother.  I also hung the cuckoo clock that was given to me a few years ago by Katja, our German exchange student.

The best part is that once I get going on a project like this, my creativity is fed.  I now have a vision for a pantry area that makes me happy, happy, happy!  I can't wait to show you the before and after.  And I just might let my husband install that downstairs powder room in our coat closet.  We shall see.


Kolein said...

Looking forward to MORE SMILES!!!


Anonymous said...

Oh my goooodness. You THREW away plants???!!!!!! DNise, Denise, Denise.

themissymom said...

Yeah for more smiles!

SmilingWithYou said...

Some ideas that are grand...can't wait to see the changes. This is very fun. I've always enjoyed watching home renovation shows and things of that nature.

Becca Hamilton said...

I saw an older post on Pinterest about Arctic Edge VBS. I am wanting to revamp that curriculum but cannot find it anywhere. Do you happen to know someone that may have it? My email is if you can find anything. I am wanting to revamp it a little to go along with Disney's Frozen. :))