Saturday, January 25, 2014


before after fireplace
I agonized over this project for a long time.  I am not sure why I care that some people are horrified at the thought of painting an antique since I am not one of them and do not reside with one of them.  Phantom opinions slowed me down.  And then there was the thought of all that work.  And then one day I was introduced to Amy Howard's One Step Paint.  You may remember that I used it to paint over cabinets at the cabin.

What makes this paint so wonderful is that it contains an adhesive, so it will stick to anything with no prep.  Well, you need to make sure what you are painting is clean.  And it dries quickly, so there is no waiting days between coats!  I think it says to wait an hour which I may or may not have done.  I started this project on Thursday and it was finished completely on Friday.  Someone with a longer attention span and stronger wrists could have finished it in one day.
This paint is not like a latex, it has a chalky finish, so you do need the wax--in my opinion.  I did add an additional coat of a clear wax (Minwax, because it is what we had) on top of the dark wax because I removed so much of it with the mineral spirits, and I wanted the wood to be smooth feeling.  The paint costs about $30 for a quart, and I buy it at one of my favorite stores, Fig and Company, in Knoxville.  You should like them on Facebook.
paint products

So, next Christmas, I will have a completely different look!
I really am in the midst of a complete kitchen redecorating project.  We put this kitchen in when we split the house in half when Kelly, Travis, and the kiddos moved in about seven years ago.  It really has never been me.  It is just so predictable and boring.  Now that I am home again, cooking and creating, I need my home to "sing" to me.  After doing the 31 Days of What Makes Me Smile at the Cabin, I realized that I want to be able to smile at the Boxmoor as well.  So I'm changing things up a bit.  Michael is thrilled.  Ahem.
I knew I wanted to remove this desk unit, but I did not know what I wanted until I found this cabinet on Craig's List.  I know there are serious needs in this world, and that I should probably not squander my prayer time, but I did pray this piece in.  It has transformed the room.  I would never have chosen the color (Martha Stewart's flagstone), but it is working with everything else I have.  So for now, it will remain flagstone.  Yes, I know that the walls need to be touched up.
cabinet detail
My sister-in-law is a potter, and her work is part of my color inspiration.
After finding the cabinet, I found this canvas on clearance at TJ Maxx.  It has allowed me to expand my color choices in what has been a pretty bland room, and it brings a smile to my face.  Yes, I see that spot needing touching up, too!
Not everyone has an original Mona Lisa Captain America.  That crazy painting (especially the cleavage shadow) makes me smile--and sometimes cry--because it was one of the last things Nate created.  I will never forget how excited he was to show it to me.  I am certain that it would not be in a $100 frame if . . . if . . . but it is . . . just because it is. 
So my original intent was to paint all of the cabinets and to possibly remove the one above.  Decisions, decisions.  And then there are the countertops and the sink.  We are getting there.
But all future kitchen plans will have to wait, since one project always leads to another project.  I will be working with Amy Howard's One Step Charm School next.  That desk is going to be awesome in Tessa's room!


Marissa Hess said...

It looks amazing!! I haven't done any of the one step/chalk +wax furniture pieces but all of my furniture needs another paint job so I might go for it.

Richard C. Lambert said...

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