Wednesday, March 26, 2014


I am finally getting around to taking some photos of the almost completed office.  

Since it is very much a working office, I seriously doubt that it will ever be done to perfection.  I would love to have it look like so many rooms I see that apparently nobody uses, but we run two businesses  in this space as well as sew, craft, iron, and put up guests. It is more important that this room be functional than photo-worthy. 

I am thrilled with the Ikea cubbies, especially the drawer and door inserts that allow me some hiding spaces.  I will not lie.  I did not thoroughly enjoy putting those big boys together; but I did it myself, so am quite proud of that accomplishment. I only needed help when it came time to screw in the last boards and then when standing them up.  That took more muscle than I could muster up.
The filing boxes allowed me to organize all of my junk good stuff. It has been nice to know exactly where I can find what I am looking for.  

The table usually has my latest creative project sprawled out on it or my husband's paperwork.  It is never cleared like in this once-in-a-lifetime photo.

Just like at the Little Cabin on the Trail, I have to be surrounded by things that make me smile--and there are plenty of those.  I will mention just  few.

Tessa's photography makes me smile.
My rolodex makes me smile.
The little birds make me smile.
Kelly's paper flower makes me smile.

The Ikea owl lamp makes me smile.
Photos of the family make  me smile.
Plants make me smile.
My kids' art work makes me smile.
 Reminders of the beach make me smile.
Check out my new blog for more photos of our home.


Kolein said...

LOVE it! Nice open space to make lots of piles and get lots of creative stuff done.

Mommy Mac said...

I see a tad more pops of brighter color, but sweet, beautiful one science and math HAVE to be your strong suit! You have such order and precision in your space! I can see run-with-it in you too. BUT, the attention to detail is astounding and so very inspiring. I love plants too!

Do I have you pegged or am I completely off the base of Denise?!

.mac :)