Friday, May 16, 2014


Every now and then I hit upon something that changes my life, and I just want to share it with everybody.  Well, actually, whether I want to share my latest something or not is beside the point since everyone keeps coming up to me wanting to talk about it.  I am serious.  I even had a lady approach me at a rest stop in the bathroom. She was on her way to D.C., but I digress.
See my hairdo in the photo below.  Yes, I know that I am standing next to the Sidewalk Prophets, but try to focus on the hair.  You are going to want to know how to do this to your own hair this summer, because it is going to save you oodles of time and make you lots of friends. Proof of that is in the photo below.  It does appear like we are discussing my hair, doesn't it?
I could make a YouTube video showing you how easy it is, but there are a gazillion already made.  I really like the one below because, unlike most, it is only two minutes long.  A YouTube video on a two-minute process should not be eight minutes long, and it certainly should not contain annoying music.  I digress again.

I would suggest you use a headband with those gripper things on one side to prevent sliding.  I got mine at Walmart, but I think there are some at the Dollar Tree.

The great thing about this hairstyle is that if you invest the two minutes on day one, you are set for three days.  I put mine up on the day I wash my hair.  Sometimes it is still pretty wet, sometimes it is almost dry.  I do not put any product in it.
Then I sleep on it that night.   The next day and the day after are my curly days.  I love my curly days.
Now, my hair was a bit frizzier this time than usual, but I think it was because I put it up pretty wet and pretty tight; and I took it out the night before at the Sidewalk Prophet concert to show someone how to do it.  I was kind of in a hurry, so I just shoved it back in the headband.  I do use some hairspray on my curly days, but I don't think it would matter much.  Those curls last!

Just look at them peeking around the side.  I told you:  easy, peasy. 

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Kolein said...

What? They weren't discussing your hair?

I declare all YouTube videos should be 2 mins. long. I haven't got any more time than that in a pop.

I really like your hair. Period.